Kennedy Freeman talks to MMAUK

Kennedy Freeman talks to MMAUK

Kennedy Freeman is a top amateur fighter looking to turn pro and follow in her father’s footsteps. Her father is the first British UFC fighter Ian Freeman, who will be by her side to guide her in her career.

Kennedy trains out of Machine MMA and is currently 5-1 in her amateur career.

MMAUK: You are 5-1 in your amateur career, do you have any plans on turning pro?

KF: Yes turning pro is definitely something that I am looking at doing in the future and think a few more amateur fights is on the cards before i make the transition as I’ve only been doing MMA for just over a year.

MMAUK: Has any promotions been in touch?

KF: Yes however I can’t say any names but what I can say is there is very big things to come in the future and I’m really excited.

MMAUK: You have competed in boxing and K1 is striking your favourite aspect of MMA. Have you been working on your ground game?

KF: Im obviously a bit more confident with my stand up but my ground game is getting just as strong, I enjoy grappling a lot as its new to me and i’m learning so much. I think a lot of people will get a shock when they see that I’m not just a stand up fighter.

MMAUK: You are the daughter of Ian Freeman, a British MMA pioneer, how helpful is it having your dad train and mentor you in your own MMA journey?

KF: My dad has been there and done everything I want to do myself so he knows exactly what I need to do to achieve my goals. Its also very special to have my dad as my coach as its a great journey to go on together. Im very lucky to have a mam and dad who are so supportive and helpful on getting me to where I want to be.

MMAUK: You also coach at your father’s gym is this something you enjoy?

KF: Yes I coach the juniors at the gym and I take them all over the country most weekends to compete. Coaching is something I find very easy and natural, I’ve been doing it since quite a young age. I love nothing more than seeing the kids do well and help them achieve their dreams.

MMAUK: What are your aims within MMA?

KF: MMA is my life, its all I want to do. Hopefully when I turn pro I can make mma a job, my career and not just a hobby. I want to make a big name for myself and one day make it to the UFC and follow in my dads footsteps.

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