Richie Smullen looking forward to BAMMA 30

SBG’s Richie Smullen takes on Rhys McKee in an all Ireland number 1 contender fight, the winner expected to fight BAMMA¬†Lonsdale Lightweight champion Tim Barnett.

McKee felt he should get immediate rematch against Barnett after losing title while Smullen thought he had a title fight lined up with Barnett. Instead Barnett has taken a but of time off which has given us this much anticipated fight.

Smullen is looking to utilise his ground game against McKee.

“I see myself pushing forward looking to take him down it’s no secret that’s my style from day one.”

Whats your thoughts on McKee feeling he should have had a rematch with Barnett?

“Rhys thinking he was getting an immediate rematch is between him and BAMMA¬†as for me I was told I was getting it and then Tim wanted a break, which was fair enough, so I just said to John about getting someone else for Dublin and they had already offered me Rhys . Which is a huge fight I couldn’t turn down . It is the most hyped fight on the hold card.”

With the fight being an all Ireland affair will this decide who is best lightweight coming out of Ireland?

“Haha well best lightweight is Conor McGregor. But the best lightweight at our level, yes, well it’s down as a no1 contender fight so winner gets the shot.”

Fighting out of the famous SBG Ireland gym, BAMMA 30 is going to be a big night for the gym with several fighters on the show.

What’s it like training at SBG and how did you hecome involved in MMA?

“Iv been in SBG under John (Kavanagh) nearly 6 years now, I pretty much started there . It’s a great gym top quality coaches and athletes to learn from on a daily basis. I was always kind of into fighting sports. I joined SBG when I was 19 hadn’t thought I would get this far to be honest it just took over.”

What goals do you have within MMA?

“My goals in mma are to fight in the MGM and MSG that would be a dream to walk out in those arenas.”

Any messages for McKee or fans?

” I have no message for Rhys. Thanks to all my fans and my sponsers, The¬†Natural¬†Kitchen, Hot Buns¬†Catering. Town Heads Barbers, Fightstore Ireland . Sin Nightclub, Fuji, Urban¬†Fitness and Bodyfuel Kirkby”

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