Chinese Based Enbo MMA under investigation

Chinese Based Enbo MMA under investigation

Children fighting in MMA is a topic in the sport that garners a lot of negative press, for obvious reason. Now Chinese based Enbo MMA, set up by  a former police named Enbo in 2001 is under police investigation in Chengdu, Sichuan province.

The club was part of a documentary by Pear Media and Enbo training young children. According to Enbo he legally adopts the children who are from troubled backgrounds: “Some of these kids were orphans, and some had a family that was too poor to educate them.” Enbo aims to train them with the hope of them becoming UFC fighters.

The education authority  in the region has stated that Enbo incited and used underage children in commercial fighting and made a huge profit from it.

Enbo MMA Club supervisor Zhu Guanghui told China Central Television that the club had sent papers to police proving legal adoption of the children.

What are your thoughts on children fighting?

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