Interveiw with Cage Warriors lightweight title challenger Alexander Jacobsen

Interveiw with Cage Warriors lightweight title challenger Alexander Jacobsen

MMA UK spoke to Alexander Jacobsen ahead of his title fight with current lightweight champion Chris Fishgold at Cage Warriors 88 on the 28th of October at the Echo Arena, Liverpool.

So Alex first of thank you for speaking to MMA UK, how does it feel to have earned a shot at the cage warriors lightweight title?

Thank you also for the interview.  It feels really good to get the title fight  after a lot of hard work and it will pay off so far 2 strong victories this year in CW I think it’s my time.

What if anything have you changed in your approach to training camp for this specific fight?

I have trained a longer camp and preparing for a hard fight over 5 rounds. And also I have spent 3 weeks at American Top Team and i am training 2-3 times a day. And here is a jungle of beasts and super high level. So when it’s time I will be 100% ready.

You are riding an 8 fight win streak how much confidence does that give you going into the fight?

Yeah you know it’s gives me confidence that I doing am doing most things right and what I do works. I don’t even think about it much, I just love the working hard and getting better every single day its my dream and you can’t stop that.

What do you think of Chris Fishgold as an opponent?

Chris Fishgold is off course a world-class fighter who has defended the title 2 times and I respect that but when I get into the cage it doesn’t matter who it is I am ready for all areas the fight goes.

Is there any specific areas where you feel you have advantages over Chris?

I feel comfortable all over, and training all parts so it doesn’t matter where it’s goes.

Have you thought about life as a champion if you get your hand raised at Cage Warriors 88?

Yes I am visualising that every day and I am looking forward to being world champion it’s my biggest dream.

Also a lot of successful UFC fighters came from Cage Warriors, do you feel the UFC is the natural next step for you if you do win the lightweight title?

UFC is off course what I am aiming for and no matter what, I will give everything and it will be a good fight where the best man will win  after that I will hopefully walk into UFC.

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