ACB 70 – Live Results From Sheffield Arena

ACB 70 – Live Results From Sheffield Arena

ACB 70 is live in Sheffield from 5pm (UK time)

With the main event being The Battle of Britain, updates on all fights will be updated from here as they happen.

Middleweight 84 kg – Scott Askham Defeated Luke Barnatt – Via Split Decision – A lot of energy in the air as the horn goes for the the first round, Scott Askham with a clean shot on Luke Barnatt but it doesn’t effect him, Scott Askham backing Luke Barnatt up no matter where he walks, landing some body kicks and dominating on the punches landed, most of Askham punches have landed on Luke’s Face. In to the second round and both going at it and it all they have, Going in to the last round both giving it some, but overall what a fight. (The Crowd in Sheffield was electric)

Middleweight 84 kg – Ibragim Chuzhigaev vs Will Noland – Via Knockout 1:32 in Round 1 – Throwing shots and both taking the shots until Ibragim Chuzhigaev lands one on the chin of Will Noland and puts down then to pounce on to him and Knock him out!

Welterweight 77 kg – Adam Townsend Defeated Husein Kushagov– Via Rear Naked Choke in Round 2 – Some big punches being thrown in the first round, Adam Townsend puts the pressure on while taking Husein Kushagov to the ground. Big shots from both sides, Kushagov lands heavy legs kick to the head but Townsend takes it well.

Featherweight 66 kg – Bubba Jenkins Defeated Deigo Marlon – Via TKO – Both fighters going to ground, giving each other shots. Bubba Jenkins got caught in a tight leg lock from Deigo Marlon, however he managed to escape it, after that Bubba Jenkins was on the front foot landing heavy punches.

Welterweight 77 kg – Ismael De Jesus Defeated Ismail Naurdiev– Via Split Decision – Thrilling fight with an amazing leg kick to Ismeal that he took well and managed to recover from but Ismail Naurdiev put up and really tough fight.

Lightweight 70 kg – Kane Mousah Defeated Alex Enlund – Via Split Decision – Slow to get going but Kane Mousah lands a brillant shot to to drop Alex Enlund, both going toe-to-toe with some big shots. Kane Mousah on the back foot as Alex Enlund pressures him.

Welterweight 77 kg – Magomed Ginazov Defeated Ioan Vranceanu – Via TKO 3:12 in Round 2 – Ioan taking some big punches and with Ginazov on top while making Ioan Bleed heavily.

Welterweight 77 kg – Ashley Reece Defeated Sam Boult – Via Split Decision – Taking a lot of ground and pound from both fighters, Sam Boult on top for the first round, As Ashley Reece Finds his feet he starts to give out some good shots as he sees Sam Buolt starting to tire.

Bantamweight 61 kg – Kharon Orzumiev Defeated Filip Macek – Via Split Decision – Thrilling first round with both fighters giving and taking some big shots but Kharon Orzumiev managed to drop Filip Macek, he managed to make a quick recovery and both going toe to toe. In the last round they are both going for the ground game as they tire.

Featherweight 66 kg – Jordan Vucenic Defeated Shoaib Yousaf – Via Split Decision – Massive support from Shoaib Yousaf, alot of ground game From Jordan Vucenic, landing some heavy shots while on the ground.

Flyweight 57 kg – Cheya Saleem Defeated Aaron Robinson – via Guillotine choke – Both fly in to each other and Cheya Chokes Aaron out in spectacular fashion.

Welterweight 77 kg – Danny Tombs Defeated Gavin Sterritt – Via TKO Round 2 – Big shots from Danny Tombs to the body and head, also dropping Gaving Sterritt multiple times, but he manages to find his feet to give some punches and legs kicks back.

Bantamweight 61 kg – Luke Shanks Defeated Adam Bramhald – Tap out via Guillotine choke – both come out very quick to the ground, for Luke Shanks to get a tight grip on Adam Bramhalds neck.

Flyweight 57 kg – Aaron Aby Defeated Daniel Missin – Via Unanimous decision – End to End fight, Danny lands a stunning back hand to drop Aaron, alot of ground game from these two. Punches landed while on the ground, Danny manages to get out of a very tight Guillotine choke from Aaron.

Featherweight 66 kg – Jordan Barton Defeats Richard HerbertVia Split Decision – Very even fight, Some big shots landed from both sides, Richard Herbert using his ground game well. Jordan Barton landing some heavy legs kicks to the body.


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