AFC7 Live – Full Fights Updates

AFC7 Live – Full Fights Updates

Almighty Fighting Championship 7 Live results are all below.

Some huge fights lined up for the night, with the Main Fight being Danny Missin vs Dan Gibson, also co-main event Kieran Lister vs Jay Moogan.

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The following fights for the night are as followed.

Professional Main Card
Dan Gibbon Defeated Danny Missin – Via Rear Naked Choke 1:35 second in round 2 – Danny Missin Controlling the first round while on the feet and on the ground, into the second round Dan Gibbon takes Danny to the ground and gets him in a rear naked choke.

Kieran Lister Defeated Jay Moogan – Via Unanimous decision – Both on the ground giving each other some big head and body shots, Jay is saved by the bell in round 2, Kieran having him a tight hold but just managed to get out of it, round 3 with both men going toe to toe.

Luke Westwood Defeated Thomas Murry – Via TKO 0:26 Seconds into round 1 – Thomas seems to curl up in a ball  while Luke drops bombs on him, He says “too easy” to the Ref as he calls a stop to the fight.

Amateur Main Card
Jack Temple v Dan Grierson for the AFC flyweight title – Via Rear naked choke 0:50 in round 1 – both quick in to the ground game, Jack takes Dan in to a tight rear lock, while blood is pouring out of Dan’s nose.

Michael Davies Defeated Jamal Raja – Via Split Decisions –  for the AFC lightweight title – Very 50/50 going in to the second round, last 2o seconds of round 2 Jamal drops Michael with a clean shot, but Michael manages to make it to the bell, Very tactical fight from both fighters, Michael using the ground game in the last two rounds.

Jabeed Rahman Defeated Alexander Clayton for the AFC featherweight title – Via Armbar in round 1 – Absolute war, very close until Jabeed got him in the armbar, not a chance of him getting out of that at all, Keep your eye out for the name Jabeed Rahman in MMA.

Simeon Otley Defeated Zak Edwards – Via Unanimous Decision – What a first 2 rounds, Simeon in control of the fight so far, going into the 3rd round throwing some big shots, but Zak is forced to the ground once again Simeon is in total control on this fight.

Kaylen Johnson Defeated Mikel Janik Via Unanimous Decision – Kaylen landing a few big shots then sweeping Mikels legs away with a very impressive kick, in to the second round Kaylen is using the advantage of the ground game to tire his opponent, blood dripping heaving from Mikels nose as the bell goes.

Simon Boult Defeated Dan Hunter Via TKO 1:22 in round 2 (Change of fighters)

Oscar Ownsworth Defeated Jack Paddison – Via Tapp out Choke 1:17 seconds in round 2 – Brilliant fight, slow to get started but Jack came out strong in round 2 knocking Oscar down, then Oscar taking him Jack to ground to manage a Choke.

Daley Hitchin Defeated Ash Dudley – Via rear naked 0:23 seconds in round 1 – the bout looked a like a big mismatch, two very different sizes in body shape, but Ash gave it ago, Daley with a quick choke with no way out of the firm grip he had.

Chris Hill Defeated Ryan Creane for the AFC middleweight title – 5 round of pure punching, what a fight this has been, with Ryan landing more punches, Chris using the take downs well, overall best fight on the night so far.

Amateur Undercard
Adam Butterworth Defeated Munesh Modhvadia Via Rear naked joke 1:35 in round 3 – Kick after Kick to the head and body of Adam, he soaks them all up and takes Munesh to the ground to get him in a rear naked choke.

Andrew Reid Defeated Scott Brown – Very heavy shots being landed from both sides, Andrew Reid using his ground game very well, tiring his opponent very quickly into the 3rd round.

Matty Booth Defeated Jordan Mawer – Both fighters getting a massive raw from the crowd, some impressive ground game from Jordan Mawer, making Matty Booth work very hard to get out of the positions he is put in, Matty gets a second wind heading into the 3rd round landing some good shots.

Tom Field Defeated Ashley Gibson – 29 seconds in the 1st Round – via Armbar – Extremely quick fight, Tom Field came out very quick to stun his opponent then take him to the ground, SBG with another up and coming fighter on the raise.

Jacob Dove Defeated Blake French Via Unanimous decision – Both fighters landing some good shots, unfortunately Blake started to tire early on and Jacob took the chance to take advantage.

Alan Baron Defeated Will Paddison Via Unanimous decision – Absolutely thrilling fight, end to end, with both fighters giving it a really go good at each other, hard to say who is winning at the end of the last round.2

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