The Problem With Cris Cyborg v Amanda Nunes

The Problem With Cris Cyborg v Amanda Nunes

If Dana White does indeed make the Cris Cyborg vs Amanda Nunes fight with the women’s featherweight title on the line, while it is an undoubtedly fun fight, it does raise and highlight certain problems.

It yet again matches another bantamweight with Cyborg, albeit the reigning champion, and yet again highlights that Cyborg is a champion of a division that isn’t really there. The prospect of a fight with Megan Anderson is a start, but unless the UFC invests in the division, then they might as well scrap it as it needs genuine talent added to the ranks and of course natural featherweights.

The other negative I can see is what if Nunes wins, which is not beyond the realms of possibility. Will we get another Michael Bisping v GSP scenario? What will Nunes do? Would she vacate her newly won belt, if so what happens to the featherweight belt then?

Its the type of one dimensional, short-sighted, no plan B matchmaking we get at times when the so-called money fights are made. If the match does indeed end up causing problems afterwards, then nobody should be surprised.

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