Diaz says he will fight in May or June

Many fans have been calling for the return of Nate Diaz and it seems they may finally get there wish.

Diaz, who has not fought since losing a decision to Conor Mcgregor back in 2016, has long been rumoured to be declining to fight until he is paid what he considers to be fair value. Whatever that value is, it would appear the UFC are close to meeting it. Diaz posted on his instagram account over night saying.

“Sick of waiting around for you f*ckers to do sh*t there’s no excitement in this fight sh*t step your games up I’ll see you around May, June. Sincerely, The Real Champ.”

There is no indication yet as to who Stockton, California native Diaz might be matched up against although the common expectation among the fans is that he will face off for a third time with Conor Mcgregor. His declaration that he is the real champ will raise eyebrows as he is nowhere near the title picture as things stand but in order to meet his financial expectations the only fights which would make sense would be a title fight or the Mcgregor rematch.

Who would you like to see Nate fight should he return? Let us know in the comments.

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