Cyborg v Nunes: Its Now or Never

Cyborg v Nunes: Its Now or Never

Going off the social media post below, It looks like UFC Women’s Featherweight Champion Cris Cyborg has had a change of heart and is now willing to face the Bantamweight Champion Amanda Nunes.

“I have agreed to fight Amanda Nunes Leoa July 7th in Las Vegas as part of #UFC226 and #InternationalFightWeek. I am now waiting for my manager to work with the UFC on a bout agreement so we can make #CyborgVNunes #TheSuperFight official. #CyborgNation us versus them”


It’s a fun fight but what next if Cyborg wins. Will the UFC finally invest in the Featherweight division and bring in genuine Featherweights.

Surely if Cyborg beats the reigning Bantamweight Champion, how can she be matched with any other Bantamweight.

The UFC have a window to see the inevitable and realise it’s now or never, is this a division just for Cyborg, or is it a division for the future.

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