Derrick Lewis on Ngannou – He’s At Least 40-Years-Old

Derrick Lewis is currently preparing for his fight against Marcin Tybura at UFC Fight Night 126.

It is no secret that there is a mutual dislike between Lewis and fellow heavyweight Francis Ngannou. Lewis was active on social media when it came to speaking about Ngannou’s disappointing showing against UFC heavyweight champ Stipe Miocic.

Speaking on yesterday’s Slip N Dip podcast, Lewis went into detail when explaining his dislike of Ngannou.

“Yeah, I’ll fight him on sight you know. This guy over here, every time somebody ask me a question about him, I say something nice, but every time somebody say something about him, he’s like trying to talk down on me saying I’m not on his level, talking about how I’m too slow and this and that.

I really don’t care, but, don’t try and talk s*** about me every chance you get. He talks s***, but he’s never like ‘Oh, I want to fight Derek.’ He’s always talking down on me, but he doesn’t want to fight me.”

“I’m working on my cardio and s***, he needs to get down with me,” Lewis said. “Everybody talking about how I don’t have no cardio and this and that, but they don’t know that I do have cardio.

“I just hold it in and make it seem like I don’t because of the way I move. I just move slow and then I explode. It is what it is.”

Lewis then took aim at Ngannou‘s age, going as far as accusing him of being “juiced up”.

“That motherf***er is at least 40. They say he was homeless so he probably don’t even know. Tell me where his birth certificate is at.”

“He’s 40 man, juiced up. They say he’s younger than me, there’s no way he’s younger than me.”

With Ngannou taking some time off following his defeat at UFC 220 and Lewis set to fight Tybura next month, it is unlikely we will get to see them settle their issues in the very near future. Should Lewis emerge victorious against Tybura, I for one will be waiting with baited breath for the inevitable call out of Ngannou in his post fight interview. Whatever else happens you can be sure that it will be entertaining.

Who wins?

Assuming the stars align and the fight between the two heavy hitting heavyweights is booked, who takes the victory?

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The full podcast can be viewed below.

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15 Responses

  1. A 40 year old who would most likely smash the “The black beast” Lewis will not likely never fight for the title at least Francis fought for it but came short.

  2. Lol Lewis got tko in the 4th by Mark hunt because of his cardio. Francis at least went 5 rounds don’t talk shit if it’s the same for you to.

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