Floyd Mayweather Teases MMA Debut In 2018, McGregor Responds

After beating Conor McGregor in a boxing ring last August, Floyd Mayweather has continued to tease a move to the Octagon after posting a series of videos on his Instagram account.

The 50-0 star posted a video of him entering the Octagon on his social media page before adding another wearing Paddy Power sponsored shorts and stating: “2018, Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather, MMA – what are the odds Paddy [Power]?”

In the build-up to Mayweather vs McGregor, ‘Money’ did not rule out a rematch in the future in MMA and UFC president, Dana White, confirmed the UFC was in negotiations earlier in the year regarding a multi-fight deal.

Despite losing in the boxing ring, McGregor believes the boxing rules saved his opponent from ‘the funeral home’ in a photoshopped image posted on his Instagram and that Mayweather would have no chance in MMA.

Shin bone to the cheek bone. The rule set kept you out the funeral home.

A post shared by Conor McGregor Official (@thenotoriousmma) on

McGregor admitted he would love a chance to avenge his loss while speaking at a charity event in New York regarding his future in the UFC.

He said: “I’m currently in the negotiation stage. There are multiple opponents on the platform. Of course, I would love to get that one [against Floyd Mayweather] back.

“I felt I went into his realm and I felt handy early on, he had to wait for me to get tired.”

Would you like to see Floyd Mayweather in the UFC?



39 Responses

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  17. He don’t have the balls, least conor went into his world n gave it ago,,, floyd knows he would get slaughtered within 10 seconds in the octagon with mcgregor

  18. Floyd man up and let’s see this fight with Conor in the octagon if you are lucky Conor won’t destroy you in the first 30 seconds

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