Stephen Irvine interview ahead of Rama Evolution 3

Highly decorated young Scottish Muay Thai fighter Stephen Irvine is fighting next week on Rama Evolution 3 in Linwood, Scotland on the 23rd Feb.

Irvine will be taking on a tough challenger in Spaniard Alejandro Jesus Rivas.

We caught up with Irvine to discuss his upcoming fight, what it felt like to win the WBC British belt last November and about his many belts he has won.

MMA UK: You are due to take on Spanish opponent, Alejandro Jesus Rivas at Rama Evolution on Sat 24th. What do you know of your opponent? How do you see the fight playing out?

SI: I don’t really know much at all about my next opponent. I’ve seen his record and it’s really impressive though. Think he’s similar to me both young and up and coming. I always see the fight playing out in my favour. Always believe I’ll win if I didn’t then there’s no point in competing.

MMA UK: You already have your next fight booked for May when you take on Callum McGowan for the British title. This is a rematch between you both. How did the first fight go?

SI: Callum beat me fair and square first time around. He was the better man on the night. I think I jumped up in weight too quickly, to be honest, going from 53.5 to 56 for it. But it gave me a kick up the arse after that loss and I went on a good wee run of wins.

MMA UK: You last fought in a move when you won WBC British title when you defeated DylanHow did it feel to win such a prestigious belt? Did the fight go as you expected?

SI: The belt was a bonus, to be honest. We took the fight in the first place before the talk of a belt actually happened. Was nice to bring it up the road though cause I think the belt was really put on for Dylan to win, and that didn’t happen. I didn’t take it off the time on the flight home. It was a good fight, we got fight of the night when I felt it was close but after watching it back I’m happy with the performance I put in and felt I won quite well in the end. With the WBC rules I was forced to be a lot more active in the fight than I normally would be, and then the fact you’re the away guy just makes you have to graft that bit harder as well. Was a great weekend away, think I’ll be going back down later in the year, said I’d give the boy a rematch.

MMA UK: You have won several titles so far in your career, what would you say was your most important/special one?

SI: All the titles I’ve achieved mean a lot to me, even my junior ones. I think winning the Scottish title on the Blitz3 is my favourite. I won it in front of all my friends and family, my home show, just down the road from where I live. I became the youngest person to win an STBA title as well at 16.

We wish Stephen luck in his next fight in what is sure to be a cracker.

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