KSW Wins ‘Sports Organisation of the Year 2017’

KSW Wins ‘Sports Organisation of the Year 2017’

KSW had a tremendous 2017. With over 57,000 fight fans packing out the National Stadium for KSW 39 and the promotion’s second trip outside of Poland in Dublin with KSW 40, the expansion of one of the world’s premier mixed martial arts organisations was clear to see. KSW 39 was the highest attended mixed martial arts event in European history, and the second of all time behind Pride Shockwave in 2002.

Now, KSW has been honoured beyond the mixed martial arts world, picking up ‘Sports Organisation of the Year’ at the 14th Annual Business Gala in Warsaw, Poland.

Beating final nominees The Polish Football Association and The Polish Paralympic Committee, it’s a testament to both the growth of the organisation, and the growth of mixed martial arts in Poland with the business world recognizing and honouring both with this award.

The year saw Polish combatants such as Mamed Khalidov, Mariusz Pudzianowski, Tomasz Narkun, Mateusz Gamrot, Michal Materla, Artur Sowinski, Borys Mankowski, Pawel Rak and Tomasz Oswiecinski, along with international talents such as Norman Parke, Arine Lipski, Paul Redmond, Kleber Koike Erbst, Chris Fields and Roberto Soldic.

The mixture of high level mixed martial arts, with external celebrity, brought the promotion to many forms of media in the nation leading to such a huge impact on the MMA world.

With promotion and spectacle rarely seen in combat sports, KSW has trail blazed the production world, creating a product that feels truly authentic and original without compromising the integrity of the sport.

Perhaps the only slight on KSW’s 2017 is their lack of events. With only 4, this is well below a lot of competitors, both International and European. However, by June 9th in 2018, we will have already been treated to 3 different KSW events, with many more in the pipelines.

KSW 42 held a specific manner of spectacle, and the addition of breakdowns and promotion from Robin Black complimented the event perfectly, allowing engagement and participation from an international audience.

2018 looks to be KSW’s biggest year yet, but for now, we at MMA UK would like to congratulate KSW on this prestigious award, and on having a spectacular 2017.


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