Scottish Grappling Invitational 1 live results

Scottish Grappling Invitational 1 takes place Saturday 21st April at the Community Central Halls, Maryhill, Glasgow.

The format will see a mix of standalone gi and no gi submission only match ups. 17 fights are scheduled with male and female competitors taking part.

MMA UK will be at the event bringing live results as they happen.

The full schedule is below with results as they come in.


Connor McLain vs Scott McLellan 18:00

Connor McLain wins by Kimura

Conor Smith vs Miguel Alvarez 18:12

Miguel Alvarez wins by heel hook.

Kenneth McCulloch vs David Dyer 18:24

Kenneth McCulloch wins by arm bar

Erin Wilson vs Michaela Steele 18:34

Michaela Steele wins by arm bar

Thomas Hepburn vs Craig McIntosh 18:44

Craig McIntosh wins by heel hook

Olly G vs Sean Rowan 18:56

Olly G wins by neck tie

Ryan Harrower vs Pawel Wlodarczak 19:06

Pawel Wlodarczack wins by inside heel hook

Jack Brown vs Mo Coles 19:18

Jack Brown wins by rear heel hook




Tristan Ribeiro-Will vs Jack Williamson 19.33

Tristan Ribeiro-Will by referee decision

Sean Stewart vs Gary Priestly 19:45

Sean Stewart won by triangle

Andy Sill vs Dean Begg 19:57

Dean Begg won by triangle

Cameron Nicol vs Luke Begley 20:09

Cameron Nicol won by arm triangle

Jordan Cooper vs Jamie Gaffney 20:19

Jamie Gaffney won by arm bar

Ashe Mohammed vs Alan Howcroft 20:31

Ashe Mohammed wins by knee bar

Cameron Donnelly vs Saulius Gurbininkas 20:41

Cameron Donnelly won by inside heel hook

Nathaniel Montgomery vs Pete Thompson 20:53

Nathaniel Montgomery won by inside heel hook

Kevin McAloon vs Gordon Price 21:05

Kevin McAloon by referee decision

Steven Playfair vs Dan Hope 21:17

Dan Hope won by heel hook


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