Nate Diaz looking for UFC comeback, says “nobody’s interesting”

Younger Diaz brother, Nate is looking to start something. However what that remains a mystery to many.

UFC star Diaz spent the majority of his Saturday afternoon signing fans autographs. The crowd was packed and the line was out of the doors at World of Sports Memorabilia, in San Jose, California.

Inside the back of a warehouse, Diaz joked around with his team as he signed more items for the store owner. He’d then go on to sit down and relax with a beer with his own choice of music which was being played throughout.

Nate would go to talk about fighting, which still seems to be in his mind.

Diaz told MMAJunkie,

“I’ve been trying to get in there and get going. I’ve been wanting to get in there and get going this year. I just got this lawsuit out of the way that I’ve been going through for the last two years, so I wasn’t able to fight. So that’s all done and over, and I’m ready to get back to fighting if I’m to be fighting anymore…

He then continued to say,

“I’m training until there’s something good to do here”.

However, something good happens not to be former two weight division champion Georges St-Pierre.

Diaz also said,

“No, I’m not fighting that fight”.

Dana White had some previous words to say putting forward that Diaz Vs St-Pierre is in the works for August’s UFC 227 in Los Angeles.

Diaz’s response (via Facebook),

“Like I said he cheated when he fought my brother (Nick Diaz at UFC 158 in 2013). So I just had to bring up old sh*t because they’re trying to brush it off like it’s nothing. I got other sh*t to do and it was just weird because we never even really talked about it.”

So what is Diaz’s next move with the UFC?

“There was a fight I asked them for, and now that fell through, we’re back to square one.” Said Diaz, who denied to identify the fighters name.

This is an interesting time for all fans but not so much for Nate. This is due to the 33-year-old not having fought inside the octagon since August 2010, at UFC 202, where he lost a majority decision to Conor McGregor in an all-time classic 170lbs welterweight bout.

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  24. He must be looking in the mirror. Was this said through an interpreter? Not many can understand his lispy ghetto Spanglish. Just sayin’.

  25. I love the Diaz brothers, but I’ve no idea how Nate got it in his head he’s one of the best and most interesting fighters out there.

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