Conor McGregor Smiles his way to 5 days in New York

Conor McGregor Smiles his way to 5 days in New York

Conor McGregor appeared in a Brooklyn court today to face it’s verdict over his outrageous behaviour in April, attacking a bus filled with UFC fighters.

Behind the scenes plea dealing ensured that all felony charges were withdrawn which removed any threat of jail time. Jail time was never a serious consideration for the offences and media outlets shovelling that particular line of shit were just looking to grab headlines and generate clicks.

In the end McGregor could be seen laughing and joking with Prosecutors and court officials as he signed court documents that brought a close to this sorry episode. You’d be forgiven for thinking he was signing autographs.

In the end it boiled to a sentence of 5 days of community service and the requirement to attend and complete a course in Anger Management. It remains to be seen if requiring McGregor to spend 5 days in NY is entirely wise enterprise.

A large crowd of media and fans awaited the verdict outside the Courthouse but when McGregor appeared, for once, he had very little to say. He thanked fans, supporters and Court officials and that, as they say was that.

It is noticeable that he didn’t publicly apologise for his behaviour on the day in question or extend an olive branch to the people on the bus, who had absolutely nothing to do with, whatever his beef was on the day in question.

The question that arises now is this – will a separate civil case arise? – or has monetary compensation already been forthcoming from the McGregor side to dampen those flames?

I would be expecting a fight announcement soon. Dana White will probably tell us that McGregor has been suspended all along by the UFC and that is why no fight deal has been forthcoming since this incident arose. Expect one now Folks. Expect one Now.

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