Ultimate Fight Night 2 Results

Ultimate Fight Night 2 Results

UFN 2 took place on October 28th at Erias Park, Colwyn Bay (North Wales). With 16 bouts from various styles, the show continued to cement itself as the premier combat sport’s show in North Wales!

Full Results below

1 Kickboxing 3x2min Rounds

Aiden Jones (MPMA) vs Liam Bean (GMA)

RESULT: Aiden Jones wins Via TKO Round 3

2 Kickboxing 3x2min Rounds

Nicole Parker (MPMA) vs Andrea Grimley (EMA)

RESULT: Andrea Grimley wins Via TKO Round 2

3 Kickboxing Demo 3x2min Rounds

Callum Balzeretti (GMA) vs Trystan Jones (EMA)

RESULT: Demo bout not scored

4 K1 N class 3x2min Rounds

Erik Zilka (Immortals) vs Tyles Silk (MTCS)

RESULT: Erik Zilka wins Via TKO in Round 2

5 MMA amateur 2x5min Rounds

George Marsh (HAMMA) vs Lee Quinn (MTCS)

RESULT: George Marsh wins Via KO Round 1

6 Kickboxing 3x2min Rounds

Anthony Richards (MPMA) vs Chris Stuart (EMA)

RESULT: Anthony Richards wins Via Decision

7 Kickboxing 3x2min Rounds

Cafan Humphreys (MPMA) vs Bobby Gaze (EMA)

RESULT: Cafan Humphreys wins Via Decision

8 Kickboxing 3x2min Rounds

Megan Walford (MPMA) vs Rachel Thomas (GMA)

RESULT: Megan Walford wins Via Decision

9 Kickboxing 3x2min Rounds

Kyle Ingram (MPMA) vs Trystan Jones (EMA)

RESULT: Kyle Ingram wins Via TKO Round 1

10 Submission Grappling 2x5min Rounds

Iwan Davies (MPMA) vs Matt Roberts (GMA)

RESULT: Iwan Davies wins Via submission (Mounted Guillotine) Round 1

11 MMA 2x5min Rounds

Rory Clarke (The Pound) vs Jack Hockin (MTCS)

RESULT: Bout declared a draw

12 Kickboxing 3x2min Rounds

Sponsored by TLC property Letting/Custom

Campers & Mark Pope.

Ste Smith (BMA) vs Connor Grant (EMA)

RESULT: Ste Smith wins Via Decision

13 Kickboxing 3x2min Rounds

Sponsored by Fisherman’s Chip Shop Conwy.

Arwel Griffiths (MPMA) vs Jason Davies (EMA)

RESULT: Jason Davies wins Via Decision

14 Boxing 3x2min Rounds

Sponsored by L’s Coffee Shop.

Joel Williamson (GMA) vs Will Lopez (EMA)

RESULT: Will Lopez wins Via Decision (FIGHT OF THE NIGHT)

15 Kickboxing 3x2min Rounds

Sponsored by Aberconwy Blinds.

Simon Lee Owen (MPMA) vs Liam Roose (GMA)

RESULT: Simon Lee Owen wins Via Decision

16 Kickboxing 3x2min Rounds – MAIN EVENT

Sponsored by Audi North Wales.

Alan Mark Owen (MPMA) vs Paul Bamber (GMA)

RESULT: Alan Mark Owen wins Via KO Round 2 ( KNOCKOUT OF THE NIGHT)

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