Bellator Newcastle: Pitbull vs Scope – Live Results

Bellator Newcastle: Pitbull vs Scope – Live Results

February 9, 2019, at the Metro Arena in Newcastle. This Saturday Bellator returns the UK with a stellar card headlined by lightweights Patricky ‘Pitbull’ Freire and Sunderlands own Ryan Scope. Co main event for this evenings card features hometown boy and former ‘Geordie Shore’ star Aaron Chalmers taking on Corey Browning in the lightweight division.

The always ferocious finisher Pitbull will want to extend his 4 fight win streak in pursuit of the 155 strap. Scope has had long periods of inactivity throughout his MMA career but a win over one of the most feared fighters in the company should propel him through the ranks and into some pretty high profile clashes with the upper regions of the division.

Chalmers hopes once again to silence the “haters” with another impressive outing on Saturday in front of a home crowd. Regardless of peoples opinion on his transition from celebrity to athlete, he continues to show that maybe he does have an aptitude for MMA and with enough hours on the mats and in the cage, could one day be a genuine contender. Browning will want to make a statement in enemy territory and after his last shock victory over Kevin Ferguson Jr where he was a 6/1 underdog, there is a chance he could use the fame of Chalmers to accelerate his MMA career.

Main Card Starts 10 pm GMT

155 lbs: Patricky “Pitbull” Freire (20-8) vs. Ryan Scope(10-1)
Patricky Freire wins via Split Decision – 29-28 Scope, 29-28 Patricky & 29-28 Patricky
RD1: Patricky lives up to his nickname early in this fight and pushes the pace, landing a flush knee that downs scope, Patricky doesn’t seem interested in engaging him on the ground and lets Scope up.
RD2: The second round starts relatively even with both fighters keeping their distance although Patricky attempts a takedown that is stuffed by Scope. Scope begins to use his kicks to switch up his game, although landing on gloves he gives Patricky something new to worry about. Scope finishes the round with some good leg and body kicks to possibly even up the scoring although not a definite and could still need a finish.
RD3: Scope starts round 3 as he finished the last, with heavy leg kicks, Patricky fires back with some of his own. Scope gets the attention of Patricky with a stiff hook as Patricky also swaps stances due to the damage sustained to his lead leg. Patricky aims to seduce Scope into a firefight in the centre of the cage but Scope sticks to his game-plan. Scope has some good success with good combinations and finishing them with nice high kicks. It is tight so far in the 3rd and a hard fight to score. Patricky scores a good takedown, but a fantastic scramble from Scope see’s them both back on their feet, a wild flying knee attempt from Patricky misses the mark and with the help of a jab from Scope, he lands hard on his back. Takedown attempt from Patricky stuffed and scope takes the back and lands some hard strikes to finish the round. It is a very close fight and it goes to the judges scorecards.

155 lbs: Aaron Chalmers (4-0) vs. Corey Browning (4-2)
Corey Browning wins via Submission (Heel Hook) 0:20 RD3
Both fighters clinch as Browning pushes Chalmers up against the fence, Chalmers attempts a guillotine to no avail and abandons it. Chalmers hits Browning with a good cross which floors him, but Chalmers inexperience shows as he walks away before the referee calls the fight over. Browning regains his feet and they swing wildly.
RD2: Early takedown from Browning, who finds himself in a strong top mount position. Browning lands a few minutes of fairly light but a heavy volume of ground and pound. Leon Roberts, the referee, doesn’t see enough to call the fight over and Browning instead tries for an armbar, which fails and Chalmers finishes the round on top after weathering the storm.
RD3: Another early takedown from Browning see’s him seemingly end up worse off on the bottom, however the opportunity for a heel hook presents itself which Browning, quite literally, grasps with both hands for the quick tap from Chalmers. Another high profile victory for Corey Browning.

155 lbs: Terry Brazier (10-1) vs. Chris Bungard (13-4)
Chris Bungard wins via Submission (RNC) 2:06 RD1
RD1: The round starts with both fighters sharing the pressure in the clinch, both landing good knee’s. Bungard takes Braziers back and works him to the ground securing the body triangle, flattening him out and applying a strong rear naked choke and getting the quick tap. Impressively slick transitions from Bungard and he is elated!

185 lbs: Fabian Edwards (5-0) vs. Lee Chadwick (24-13-1)
Fabian Edwards wins via Unanimous Decision – 30-26, 30-27 & 30-27
RD1: Hesitant start for both Edwards and Chadwick, with Chadwick working the jab and keeping busy. A couple of big head kicks from Edwards nearly ends the fight but Chadwick recovers well and works the clinch while he gets his breath back. Some more stiff jabs and elbows from Edwards seals the first round for him.
RD2: Chadwick starts the round looking for a takedown but Edwards defends well and ends up in a strong clinch, pressure Chadwick against the fence. Edwards keeping a good range while landing strong jabs and leg kicks to finish the round. Chadwick most likely need’s a finish in the third and final round.
RD3: Edwards takes down Chadwick early and works himself into top mount after threatening a rear naked choke before returning to the submission threat and taking Chadwick’s back where spends the remainder of the fight, landing good ground and pound to complete an impressive 15 minutes.

Prelims Start 6:30 pm GMT

205lbs:  James Mulheron  (11-2) vs.  Arunas Andriuskevicus  (14-4)
Arunas Andriuskevicus wins via Doctor Stoppage 0:42 RD3
Hometown favourite Mulheron entered the cage to a big pop from the crowd at the Metro Arena. The first round was a pick em of the pressure Mulheron pushed and the accuracy and damage of Arunas. The second round was more one sided towards Arunas as he started to land heavier shots, opening a cut over Mulherons eye. The third round saw the referree stop the fight for a doctor to check the injury sustained to Mulheron and he called the fight over.

170lbs:  Jim Wallhead  (29-11) vs.  Abner Lloveras  (22-10)
Jim Wallhead wins via Unanimous Decision – 29-28, 30-27 & 30-27
Two veterans threw hands for 3 rounds after a timid start to the 1st round. Wallhead got the better of the exchanges and threatened to land the big finishing shot a few times, taking a well deserved decision win.

135lbs:  Nathan Greyson  (6-2) vs.  Cal Eleanor  (7-2)
Cal Eleanor wins via Submission (RNC) 3:49 RD1
Greyson started the fight fast and aggressive, scoring an early takedown, slick transitions and good ground and pound. Late in the round Cal secured a dominant position on the ground and after threatening some inverted triangle and armbar offence, he settled for a rear naked choke to win the fight. 

145lbs:  Nathan Rose (6-1) vs.  Ranjeet Baria  (3-0)
Nathan Rose wins via KO 4:50 RD1
Both fighters started tentatively with neither wanting to commit in any heavy exchanges. Rose caught Baria with a sweet cross midway in the round but Baria recovered quickly. With only 10 seconds remaining in the round Rose landed a perfect right straight putting Baria instantly to sleep.

17olbs :  Justin Burlinson (3-0) vs.  Maciej Gierszewski  (4-3)
Justin Burlinson wins via Submission (RNC) 4:04 RD1
Burlinson dominated the grappling exchanges for the most part of round 1, with good pressure against the cage. Once he took Gierszewski’s back it was all too easy and he gets the submission win. 

135lbs :  Luke Westwood  (1-0) vs.  Richard Kallos  (pro debut)
Luke Westwood wins via TKO 1:32 RD3
Kallos started round 1 with an early takedown and caused a few problems for Westwood on the ground. Round 2 saw Westwood show the gulf in class in striking and put Kallos is some precarious positions before finishing the job in round 3.

170lbs :  Ashley Reece (6-1) vs.  John Ross  (2-1)
Ashley Reece wins via TKO 3:42 RD1
Reece scored an early takedown and controlled Ross for the duration of the round through various positions and slams, scoring heavy ground and pound throughout. Referee finally see’s enough and waves off the fight. Great control from Reece, didn’t look to move out of 1st gear.

185lbs :  Tommy Quinn  (7-5) vs.  Martin Hudson  (4-6)
Tommy Quinn wins via KO 3:02 RD1
Hudson found himself on the bottom and starts to work for a leg-lock, Quinn saw the opportunity to land some ground and pound and found the sweet spot to pick up the win. 

155lbs :  Kieran Lister  (3-0) vs.  Davie McLaughlin  (2-1)
Kieran Lister wins via TKO 1:18 RD1
Lister found a home for straight left’s and dropped McLaughlin early. A left uppercut sealed the deal early in the first. Impressive striking from Lister.

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