PowerBJJ: 50 Shades of Violence review

Exhibition Match 1: David Sharp Vs. Adam Hill

Sharp immediately pulls guard, fighting from half guard Sharp enters an attack on the leg but Hill manages to escape, fighting from half guard top again Sharp sweeps and threatens another leg attack, he secures the heel and gets the submission.

Winner – David Sharp via heel hook

50 Shades of Violence 1st Round: Steven Heggie Vs. Andrew Marley

Heggie secures a takedown and Marley immediately secures a leg and starts fighting for the heel hook, plenty of hand fighting between the two men, Heggie attempts to counter Marley’s leg lock with a leg lock of his own, Marley tightens his squeeze during the leg lock battle and secures the heel hook victory.

Winner – Andrew Marley via heel hook

50 Shades of Violence 1st Round: Jamie Gardner Vs. Patrick Rowan

Rowan pulls guard and attacks a kimura, Gardner escapes but Rowan secures an armbar from the closed guard for the win.

Winner – Patrick Rowan via armbar

50 Shades of Violence 1st Round: Reece Strathearn Vs. Olly Georgopoullos

Georgopoulos threatens a takedown, Strathearn shuts it down, Strathearn pulls guard and they fight from butterfly guard, Georgopoullos stands up and they’re back to their feet. Strathearn pulls guard and threatens with an Imanari roll. Georgopoullos enters into Strathearn butterfly guard and manages to pass into side control but quickly escapes, both men to their feet Strathearn attempts a double leg and both men go off the mat. Strathearn pulls guard and Georgopoullos enters half, Strathearn threatens with an Ezekiel choke from the bottom but it’s not secure and Georgopoullos stands back up, and Georgopoullos threatens with a cartwheel pass and the timer has gone, with the contest going to a judge’s decision they have scored it in favour of Reece Strathearn.

Winner – Reece Strathearn via judges decision

50 Shades of Violence 1st Round: Kelson Duffy Vs. Min Goo Lee

Lee shoots in straight away and secures the takedown, Lee passes into side control and there’s a scramble from bottom and Duffy manages to secure a takedown and ends up in Lee’s guard. Lee threatens a tight triangle, but Duffy manages to escape it, they both quickly attack leg locks and Lee secures the foot and gets the straight foot lock.

Winner – Min Goo Lee via straight foot lock

Exhibition Match 2: Nathaniel Montgomery Vs. Gordon Price

Montgomery pulls guard and they fight for position from butterfly guard and Montgomery manages to secure a sweep but Price quickly threatens with a triangle choke but Montgomery escapes and attempts a takedown but Price sprawls and attempts to pass into mount but Montgomery stops it and Price moves into side control and threatens with a D’arce choke, Montgomery manages to escape and attempts an inside heel hook and the timer has gone, the judges rule it a draw.

The contest is a Draw

50 Shades of Violence 2nd Round: Andrew Marley Vs. Patrick Rowan

Rowan pulls half guard and attempts to roll from under and secure Marley’s back, Marley answers by going for a leg lock and catching Rowan with a heel hook.

Winner- Andrew Marley via heel hook

50 Shades of Violence 2nd Round: Reece Strathearn Vs. Min Goo Lee

After numerous takedown attempts from Lee that got stuffed Strathearn pulls guard and both men fight for a leg lock from the honey hole position but both men are showing strong defensive games on the leg locks, Strathearn manages to gain top position and passes into side control however they are off the mat and are placed back into the centre of the mat. Strathearn attempts a scissor takedown but misses. He manages to secure a takedown and pass into side control and mount position, Lee manages to escape and threaten with a reverse triangle and Strathearn escapes and manages to get into side control again. The timer goes and the judge’s decision goes to Reece Strathearn.

Winner – Reece Strathearn via judge’s decision.

Seany Stewart Vs. Graeme McQuiston 

Stewart pulls half guard and manages to secure a sweep on McQuiston. From butterfly guard, McQuiston has a grip of Stewart’s lapel but Stewart jumps for a triangle, during the scramble McQuiston threatens with De La Riva guard. Both men are in 50/50 position with McQuiston seemingly setting up a straight foot lock but Stewart manages to explode and secure side control, McQuiston is able to escape and is playing butterfly guard, Stewart takes his back and rolls through for a triangle and quickly transitions into an omoplata, McQuiston escapes and Stewart locks in an armbar and McQuiston escapes, from butterfly guard McQuiston is able to secure a sweep and take top position, Stewart manages to reverse and pass into north-south position before going to side control. McQuiston manages to secure a sweep and threatens with a berimbolo and Stewart counters with a kneebar attempt, McQuiston escapes and threatens with a straight foot lock, it goes to a judge’s decision and they see it in favour of Seany Stewart.

Winner – Seany Stewart by judges decision

Jack Brown Vs. Anonymous

Brown pulls guard and immediately threatens with a heel hook and Anon escapes, Brown then threatens a toe hold and Anon escapes, both men in 50/50 and Brown threatens an inside heel hook and Anon manages to escape, Anon attempts a cartwheel pass but Brown manages to win the scramble and ends up in half guard top position, threatening a head and arm triangle but Anon manages to escape and escapes Brown’s half guard, ending up on top but Brown manages to secure a triangle and submits Anon.

50 Shades of Violence 3rd Place Spot: Patrick Rowan Vs. Min Goo Lee

Rowan pulls guard and secures closed guard on Lee and locks in a triangle for the win.

Exhibition Match: Barry Munro Vs. Lewis Pennie

Munro lands a takedown and passes into side control and then into north-south position, Pennie rolls from under Munro to take his back but Munro shrugs him off, Pennie attempts an inside heel hook but there’s not much pressure to it. Both men stand up and Munro sweeps Pennie and Pennie stands back up and attempts donkey guard, but Munro jumps and takes Pennie’s back, who quickly scrambles and they fight for leg position, Munro secures the foot and wins via toe hold.

Winner – Barry Munro via toe hold

50 Shades of Violence Final: Andrew Marley Vs. Reece Strathearn

Marley shoots in for a takedown but Strathearn manages to sprawl and ends up in side control and looks to attack the legs, both men are attacking and looking for leg lock finishes, Strathearn secures the Estima lock for the victory and wins the tournament.

Winner – Reece Strathearn via Estima lock



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