BUDO Fighting Championship 40: Live Results

BUDO Fighting Championship 40: Live Results

November 2nd, 2019, at the Grangemouth Town Hall. Budo Fighting Championships returns to the Grangemouth Town Hall for another action-packed night mixing professional and amateur MMA, boxing and Muay Thai for Budo 40.

Results will be updated as they happen below.

Chris Romanowski (Results Gym/Clan Kickboxing) vs Stewart Graham (Griphouse)

Chris Romanowski def. Stewart Graham KO rd.2

Heavyweight Pro MMA
Rab Truesdale (SMAC) vs Tony Mustard (Team Fish)

Rab Truesdale def. Tony Mustard via unanimous decision 

77KG Amateur MMA European Welterweight Title 
Oscar Grahn (Kaisho Martial Arts) vs Kunle Lawal (Higher Level)

Oscar Grahn def. Kunle Lawal via TKO (punches) rd.3

61.3KG Amateur MMA Scottish Bantamweight Title 
Aaron Towns (Results Gym) vs Kieron Reid (Higher Level)

Kieron Reid def. Aaron Towns via corner stoppage rd.3

61KG Amateur MMA 
Scott Davis (Urban Guerrillas) vs Hamish McKinnie (Gorilla Fight Team)

Scott Davis def. Hamish McKinnie via unanimous decision

70KG Amateur MMA
Karar Al Jaberi (Kaisho Martial Arts) vs Mark Ewen (Higher Level)

Fight ruled a majority draw 

67KG Amateur MMA
Rhys Hannah (Ayrshire Fight Academy) vs Jack Leckie (Griphouse)

Jack Leckie def. Rhys Hannah via unanimous decision 


86KG Semi-Pro Boxing
Thomas Molenarr (SMAC) vs Stephen Stewart (Higher Level)

Thomas Molenarr def. Stephen Stewart via KO rd.3

62KG C-Class Muay Thai
Michael Garner (Somchai Muay Thai) vs Scott Davidson (Griphouse)

Scott Davidson def. Michael Garner via unanimous decision 

69KG Amateur MMA
Calum McKenzie (Gorilla Fight Team) vs Steven Skipton (Higher Level)

Steven Skipton def. Calum McKenzie via submission (rear naked choke) rd.2

77KG Amateur MMA 
Ola Jacabsson (Wolf Fight Team) vs Nick Fridge (Griphouse)

Ola Jacabsson def. Nick Fridge via submission (triangle choke) rd.2

84KG Amateur MMA
Shaun Campbell (Urban Guerillas) vs Marcin Sinica (Independent)

Shaun Campbell def. Marcin Sinica via TKO (ground and pound) rd.1 

82KG Amateur MMA 
Hampus Jacobsson(Wolf Fight Team) vs Kevin Swankie(Higher Level)

Kevin Swankie def. Hampus Jacobsson via submission (rear naked choke) rd.2 

62KG Amateur K1 
Callan Beverage(Urban Guerrillas) vs Yousef Whitelaw (New Life Gym)

Callan Beverage def.Yousef Whitelaw via unanimous decision. 


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