Colosseum Promotions In Association With Caged Steel

Caged Steel have recently become associates with Scotlands Colosseum Promotions – an up  and coming Scottish promotion. Part of the Colosseum Martial Arts and Fitness Gym located in Greenock, Inverclyde – run by Mark Waddell, a fighter at one of Caged Steels previous shows. Having significantly developed as a company and grown in epic proportions in terms of popularity, 2020 is definitely Caged Steels year!

Caged Steel have certainly branched out and gained many new additions to their brand. Caged Steel Patreons – aiming to create a legacy within the Martial Arts world by introducing MMA to children and bringing it into schools. Caged Steel T.V – which will showcase a whole host of exciting fights, interviews and many more action packed and entertaining frolics.

Caged Steels Golden Contract – Adam Bramhald being the first to sign said contract and receive a five figure
payout. The employment of a new sales colleague – Asha Elizabeth takes on a new and exciting role as Commercial Sales Executive to ensure an exceptional commercial experience betweenCaged Steel and its  partners.

Sheffield Arena announced as the venue for Caged Steel 25 after the huge success of the last Sheffield Arena show, Caged Steel are taking it back to the big stage on the 4th of July! And most recently, the new partnership between Caged Steel and Colosseum Promotions.

“Mark is a great guy. Being in a position to be able to help him and the team out up there in Scotland is such a great thing to be able to do. Having fought on Caged Steel a while ago – it felt the right thing to do to not only give Mark advice, but to team up with Colosseum Promotionsand do a show in association with Caged Steel.” –  Dominic Gibbs, Owner of Caged Steel. On March 14th, while Caged Steel Contenders 2 is in full swing at Dome – up in Scotland, Colosseum Promotions presents Rumble On The Clyde in Association with Caged Steel. The show will feature highly entertaining, multi-discipline Martial Art bouts, including MMA, Boxing, Muay Thai and K1. Set to be an amazing show, Rumble On The Clyde is an almost historic one too! Held at Greenock Town Hall – a building which dates back to the 1850s and boasts incredible Italian architecture – there’s been a lot of different fight styles showcased at the town hall in the past, including Wrestling. But never, has Greenock Town Hall witnessed MMA bouts! That’s all about to change!

Dominic Gibbs and his team travelled up to Greenock to reunite with Mark Waddell – the Owner
of Colosseum Promotions and Promoter of Rumble On The Clyde. Check out behind the scenes
footage of Caged Steels visit to Scotland…

There’s going to be some very talented athletes putting in an appearance on the show. MMA legends, Brad Pickett and Ian Freeman are even talking about some of the fighters set to be on the show. Also featuring on the fight card are up and coming stars; Corey McLachlan, Noah and Jonah Waddell, and Maddie Mitchell. Aged 18, Corey has already had over 140 Thai fights – and being the son of the current WBC European Champion, Keith McLachlan, fans are expecting big things from Corey! Noah, Jonah, and Maddie are all ambassadors for the charity Fight For Autism – and with Jonah known for being an extremely gifted athlete, Noah for being a tough lad who is all forward and no back, and Maddie who is a ranked U.K junior and said to hit like a truck – it’s set to be an explosive night with an extremely exciting fight card!

“Caged Steel looked after me as a fighter, and when I asked Dom and Alex for some simple advice – they bent over backwards to advise me and help me in every way possible. Not only that, they are one of the leading fight promotions in Europe in my eyes. All you need to do is look at the sheer calibre of fighters they have had over the years. It was definitely a no brainer on my part to team up with Caged Steel on behalf of Colosseum Promotions.” – Mark Waddell, Owner of Colosseum Promotions.
Watch the full interview with Dom and Mark here…
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