Evolution Of Combat 6: Live Results

Evolution Of Combat 6: Live Results

15 February 2020 at Maryhill Community Halls in Glasgow, Scotland. Evolution of Combat makes their second trip north for their second event in Scotland. Run by former pro-MMA fighter, Dan Hope, it looks to be an exciting event with competitors from Europe taking on local fighters. Follow the results below.

61.7kg Pro MMA
Kieran Obrien (Kaizen Academy) vs Iain Postlethwaite (AFA)
Kieran Obrien def. Iain Postlethwaite via rear naked choke rd. 2

61.7kg Pro MMA
Reece McEwan (Griphouse) vs Malek Ghrib (Team Warriors)
Reece McEwan def. Malek Ghrib via submission (arm triangle) rd.1

49.9kg Pro MMA
Fee Chrystal (Higher Level MMA) vs Hanna Gujwan (MT Millenium Rzeszów)
Hanna Gujwan def. Fee Chrystal via submission (rear naked choke) rd. 2

76kg Amateur MMA
Jeff Akah (Griphouse) vs Kristof Porowski (RVKMMA)
Kristof Porowski def. Jeff Akah via submission (guillotine) rd. 2

74kg Amateur MMA
Rafferty Stewart (Kaizen Academy) vs Thomas Callaghan (New Life Gym)
Rafferty Stewart def. Thomas Callaghan via unanimous decision 

77.6kg Amateur MMA 
Matty Isherwood (Kaizen Academy) vs Ewan Muirhead (Blitz Combat)
Ewan Muirhead def. Matty Isherwood via keylock rd.2 

58kg Amateur MMA 
Lewis McGavin (Goliath MMA) vs Lee Ferguson (New LIfe Gym)
Lee Ferguson def. Lewis McGavin via rear naked choke rd.3 

70kg K1
Cameron Galloway (EKMMA) vs Rhys Hannah (AFA)
Cameron Galloway def. Rhys Hannah via TKO (leg kick) rd.3

68kg Amateur MMA
Shaun Conway (SMAC) vs Remek Duda Mariusson (RVKMMA)
Shaun Conway def. Remek Duda Mariusson via unanimous decision 

81kg Amateur MMA
Kunle Lawal (Higher Level MMA) vs Wes O’Neil (Independent)
Kunle Lawal def. Wes O’Neil via rear naked choke rd.1

86kg Amateur MMA
Nick Lawrence (Griphouse) vs Ashley Gibson (Independent)
Nick Lawrence def. Ashley Gibson via Rear Naked Choke rd.1 

70kg K1 
Alex Burns (EK MMA) vs Jimmy McCallum (SMAC)
Jimmy McCallum def. Alex Burns via split decision 

85kg Nogi Jiu Jitsu 

Nathaniel Montgomery (Griphouse) vs Andrew Marley (Dundee Shooters)
Nathaniel Montgomery def. Andrew Marley via Rear Naked Choke 

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