Fantasy Fight Predictions: Brock Lesnar Vs Daniel Cormier

Fantasy Fight Predictions: Brock Lesnar Vs Daniel Cormier

Today on Fantasy Fight Predictions we are looking at a fight that could’ve taken place in 2018 but never materialised it is Brock Lesnar vs Daniel ‘DC’ Cormier. As with the previous and future Fantasy Fight Predictions, I will do a background on the fighters and talk a small part about their fighting ability and then give my prediction who I think would win in their prime.

First, we’ll talk about the heavyweight number 1 contender Daniel ‘DC’ Cormier. During his time in the UFC Cormier has competed fourteen times having won eleven lost two and one no-contest. Cormier has held both the UFC Lightheavyweight and the Heavyweight title at the same time and defended both. Daniel has fought the likes of Frank Mir, Anderson Silva and Jon Jones twice. Cormier had a bitter rivalry with Jon Jones whom he fought twice lost both of them but their second fight was overturned to a no-contest. Before UFC Daniel Cormier was an Olympic wrestler and a former NCAA Divison 1 wrestler. With Cormier’s wrestling, he is able to drag you down and keep you there and easily submit you. Along with his wrestling, Daniel Cormier can also ko you with a big right hand.

Before UFC Brock was a WWE professional wrestler. Like his opponent, he is also an NCAA Divison 1 wrestler. Lesnar’s first UFC fight was not a dream debut as he bowed out to Frank Mir. He then enjoyed a run of 4 straight victories winning the UFC Heavyweight title along the way. After Lesnar lost the title to Cain Velasquez he then lost again to Alistair Overeem. Then after almost 5 years out Brock returned to face Mark Hunt at UFC 200 Brock won that fight but it was then later changed to a no-contest. Along with his wrestling, Brock also had a freak amount of strength and power so he would never shy away from a brawl.

Now if both fighters fought each other in their prime I believe Brock would win in the 3rd round by ground and pound. I think this because I believe Lesnar’s strength and power would be just too much for Cormier. Therefore after two rounds of Lesnar keeping Cormier down, I think DC would have nothing left in the tank and Brock would take full advantage.

Thanks for reading and hope you look forward to the next instalment of Fantasy Fight Predictions.


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