Jai Herbert Talks About UFC Fight Island

Thoughts on debut:

  • There were a few frustrations when London was cancelled but you’ve got to stay positive and look to the future. I was taking a few injuries into the fight but they are now healed and I’m feeling fresh. I’ve taken the fitness and experience from that camp into this one and it’s made me better. I’m really excited to make my debut in a few days’ time. I’ve been working towards this for years and it is finally here. I’ll take the opportunity and get the win.

On his mentality:

  • It’s great to be here but I want to make an impact. A lot of people just want to say they fight in the UFC but I’m here to further my career. I’m not here to play and just be a number. I’m here to be a contender. That’s what it is all about – creating a legacy.

On his opponent:

  • He has had 14 of 15 fights in the UFC and is obviously a veteran. He seems like a very strong guy, a southpaw so it will be a tough challenge. These challenges excite me and it’s why I’m in the sport. It’s all about seeing how good I can be and how much I can improve. I want to get better every day and take people like this on. It will be a great test and come 25th July we will see where I am at.

On the fight:

  • He’s a tough guy and has never been stopped. I’m prepared for three solid five minute rounds but I’m always looking to finish. If you look back at my career I’m not going for points but to take people down. I’m going to get him out of there.

On fighting behind closed doors:

  • I’m prepared for it. I’m not really bothered by that aspect right now. At the end of the day it’s always just me and another guy in that cage. When the other guy is coming at you to take your head off you are just focussing on that. It’s great to have fans there to support but I need to switch off from that and focus on executing my game plan and getting the job done.

On learning from Leon:

  • I’ve learnt a huge amount from Leon and Tom Breese. Tom is my coach and his experience has bought me on tenfold. I train and spar with Leon which is amazing. He is world class and I have no doubt he will be the next welterweight champion from Britain. It’s priceless to train with these guys and get their knowledge.

On the importance of MMA:

  • I would 100% recommend the sport to kids. It helps you a lot – it keeps you disciplined, focussed and gives you a goal to aim for. A lot of kids growing up don’t have goals or hope really. MMA allows you to focus and when you start seeing results it helps you grow as a person. That’s what kids need and that’s why they should take up the sport. It will make them a better person.

On his style:

  • I’m always putting on show. I don’t go for points I go the stoppage. I’m a lethal striker and you can expect me to put in a performance you won’t forget.

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