BRAVE CF’s Mohammed Said Maalem fires back at Fakhreddine: ”Your disrespect will be punished”

Tensions are revving up in the BRAVE Combat Federation Light Heavyweight division. The idea of a BRAVE CF Light Heavyweight title has come to the spotlight ever since Middleweight champ Mohammed Fakhreddine brought it up following the conclusion of BRAVE CF 45. The Lebanese star called out Mohammed Saeed Maalem for the proposed title fight. Now, the Algerian has made it clear that he is more than happy to engage in this duel.


Said Maalem used his own social media profiles to indicate that he would accept Fakhreddine’s challenge, but claimed the champ’s ‘’disrespect’’ towards him deserved to be ‘’punished’’.


‘’Your disrespect deserves to be punished, that is why I accept your challenge, and you will have the honor of facing me’’, said Mohammed.

Three fearless juggernauts Anton Turkalj, Todd Stoute and Mohammed Fakhreddine have all called for a title shot for the Light Heavyweight belt. The calls for the title fight came after an impressive victory by the division’s mainstay Maleem at BRAVE CF 45 which prompted Fakhreddine to challenge the Algerian. Now, Maleem has responded to the Middleweight champ saying he is up for a title fight.

This comes after Swedish phenom Anton Turkalj, who has won twice in two BRAVE CF bouts, commented on social media about going for the title, rejecting the idea of Fakhreddine and Said Maalem fighting for the belt. Turkalj said he would even face both men in the same night and would bet his fight purse that he would come out victorious. Todd Stoute, on the other hand, had already expressed his desire for a rematch against Said Maalem.


‘’Black Hulk’’ lost to Mohamed but has bounced back with a win against Cristian Constantinov. Currently ranked as the number one Heavyweight and number two Light Heavyweight in Canada, Stoute believes he deserves a title shot after impressing in all of his three BRAVE CF contests, with one loss and two wins.

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