Spencer Fisher has GoFundMe Page set up by old rival Sam Stout

Spencer “The King” Fisher will be remembered as a cult hero by many MMA supporters, and will also be remembered for his 17-fight stint in the UFC. Over the course of a gruelling professional career that lasted near a decade, Fisher retired with a very impressive record of 24-9-0.  His aggressive style and reluctance to take a backwards step ensured he became a fan favourite in the UFC promotion.

Unfortunately, in 2012 Fisher called it a day on his fighting career due to injuries catching up with him. It was later revealed that he had been suffering with symptoms of CTE, which had been brought on by multiple head injuries sustained in his career. To support Fisher after fighting and prior to the UFC changing hands, he had been receiving compensation payments from his former promotion. This alleviated some financial pressures, but unfortunately, those vital payments stopped after the takeover.

Fisher spoke in an emotional interview with MMA fighting, which can be viewed in full by clicking here “My kids, I’ve had instances in the past where I couldn’t think of their names on the spot. My balance is shot. I have a hard time remembering what I did yesterday. Last week is a complete blur. My long-term memory is okay, but my short-term memory is gone. I got to support a family that understands my condition and tries to help me out the best they can, I don’t want to die alone and not know anybody when I see them.”

With financial losses only creating more issues for the UFC veteran, one of his past opponents came in to help. Sam Stout, who fought Fisher three times decided to create a fundraising page under a week ago. The goal itself was to raise $2000 but has now surpassed $6000 with no signs of stopping.

This gesture of kindness will shine a light on the struggles the athletes go through outside of the cage. If you would like to support one of the toughest fighters to enter the cage, a link will be at the bottom of this article. With multiple fighters suffering the repercussions brought on by their careers, the question now posed to organisations is could fighters be compensated more. In what is considered the most brutal sport around, can the athletes be supported better financially, and could they receive greater post-career support?


Click here for Spencer Fisher Relief Fund Page

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