Punches fly at Canelo and Plant face-off

Punches flew on the first face to face encounter of Canelo V Plant. 

The tense face-off sparked when Canelo aggressively pushed Plant which caused both fighters to throw punches. Plant was left with a cut under his eye. 

In Plant’s speech, the fighter confidently spoke about always being the underdog and always proving people wrong, “One thing better than proving people right and that’s proving people wrong.”  Plant then went on to talk about Canelos’ teammates constantly being brought up with drug cheat charges, the latest being Oscar Valdez. Plant repeatedly said to Canelo “you’re a cheater. ”

Canelo response to this was a calm sentence “You’re not on my level”

Canelo holds 3 belts at the 168-pound division with Plant holding the other one. 

The fighters will face each other on November 9th for the first-ever undisputed super middleweight championship fight of the four-belt era.   


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