Josh Reed speaks about his upcoming bout at CW127, recent loss and his jubilation at being able to fight for the fans again

Josh ‘Crazy Horse’ Reed 11-6-0 is a Welsh professional Mixed Martial Artist currently competing in the Bantamweight Division. A professional competitor since June 2013. He has competed for Phoenix MMA UK and Cage Warriors.


I’d like to start this off by thanking you for speaking to me today. How goes training in the build-up to your return to York Hall?


“No problem at all. Training has been spot on with my team at SMMA! I have class sparring and coaching. I’m in great shape ahead of my fight.”


Last we had the pleasure of witnessing you in the Cage was against Dylan Hazan 6-0-0 back at CW 124 The Trilogy. Despite a valiant effort, the night was not yours. What did you take away from that night back in June?


“Yeah, things last time out didn’t go my way, I had a last-minute replacement in Dylan Hazan. Gutted about the loss, but took a lot from it and I’ve been working hard on putting my game right this time with my team. Hazan is a very high-level wrestler, but couldn’t finish me, shows the level I’m at too.”


At CW 127 you were set to take on Cameron Hardy 6-3-0, a newcomer to the organization in the main event of the fifth installation of The Trilogy, but due to Hardy’s recent injury, it seemed your chance to join your fellow countrymen was in severe doubt. What was going through your mind when you found out the news?


“Yeah, I was really looking forward to that fight with Hardy, he’s game, likes the stand-up game. That fight would have been fireworks, maybe we will meet again soon in the future.”


By a stroke of luck, your training camp was not in vain, Kurban Khizriev steps in to make your aspiration to fly the Welsh flag with your peers on September 30th, from shattered dream to reality once again. How did this make you feel knowing your time was not wasted in camp?


“I’m happy with CageWarriors working to get me another opponent on short notice, as it was nearly a full camp and didn’t think I would get a step in with time ticking, but thanks to Kurban for stepping up.”


With the crowds back in attendance and fight camps going from home training to back at the gym, I’m certain York Hall is going to see a completely different “Crazy Horse”. Without giving too much away, what steps have been taken to leave London with the W?


“I’ve worked hard in every area of my game, I’m ready for anything he brings. As you all know the fans love the crazy horse side of me. I’m looking forward to fighting in front of a crowd again”


Last but not least, have you a message for the fans that are going to be in attendance and anybody you’d like to give a shout out to?


“Like to thank all my team and sponsors for this camp, it’s been class as always. To the fans, be ready, the horse is on his way, try your best to stay seated hahaha. Big love Crazy Horse.”


What a way to start off the fifth installation of the Cage Warriors Trilogy. Not only will we have a new Bantamweight Champion crowned at the end of the night when Dominique Wooding takes on the undefeated Nathan Fletcher. We have a chance to look at a very strong contender for the strap in Josh, continuing his journey up the Bantamweight rankings for his dream to claim the gold for his own.

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