Chris Morris speaks ahead of his scheduled Light Welterweight title opportunity at UKFC 17

Chris Morris speaks ahead of his scheduled Light Welterweight title opportunity at UKFC 17

Chris Morris 6-1-0 is an English amateur Mixed Martial Artist currently competing in the Welterweight Division, representing Reps MMA. An amateur competitor since 2018. He has competed for ICE FC, Celtic Gladiator And Preston based organisation UKFC.


I got the opportunity to speak with Chris, ahead of his scheduled bout at UKFC 17 and gain some insight into the build up to the next stage of his amateur career.


I’d like to start this off by thanking you for taking the time to speak to me today Chris, how is training going for your scheduled Light welterweight title opportunity at UKFC 17?


“I should be thanking you for taking your time to speak to me! The training so far is going ace, everything is falling into place, whether that be my training partners or my diet plan.”


On November 27th you will be taking on Bert Jenkins 4-2-0 of Porrada Gym, at what’s bound to be a packed out Imperial Banqueting Suite, St. Mary’s Suite North in Preston. It must be an amazing feeling to finally be able to get your face off against Bert after your scheduled bout was cancelled back in October last year At UKFC 14?


“It has been a long-awaited fight for myself personally. I was disappointed we couldn’t fight the first time but I believe, if I remember correctly he had an injury which meant he had to pull out, but I’m glad the fight is set again and am looking forward to this much-anticipated fight.”


With this being a year in the making, you must have studied Bert, what do you make of Bert, have you had the opportunity to watch him in action?


“I’ve not studied him, the only time I did was when I watched him fight like the gentleman I first fought, when I started, as I was having my fourth fight then.”


All the hard work amateur’s of your level have put in over your amazing career, has blessed you with the opportunity to be crowned king of your weight class, it must be a fantastic honour, how does it feel to be able to test your skills for the ultimate prize?


“In my mind, it has been a long time coming to this opportunity and I am going to take it with both hands, as I have been preparing for these levels of fights for a long time, so saying I’m looking forward to it is putting it lightly lol.”


The title is the ultimate goal for fighters in the brutal, yet exhilarating world of Mixed Martial Arts, all the hard work, all the training, has led to this very point. After a year of waiting, these two powerhouses are set to fight it out for ultimate glory in the amateur Light Welterweight Division.


Without giving too much away, how have preparations been going for what is going to be the biggest test of your amateur career in November?


“Well I’m on an S&C program, along with help from a new sponsor helping with my diet plan, this, in turn, will allow me to get the most out of all my training. I’m heading up to Higher Level MMA, up in Bathgate again this weekend for sparring rounds alongside Corey and Zach Fry, to spar the likes of Mark Ewen, Stevie Ray and Dylan Tuke. So I am incredibly confident with the amount of work I have been putting into this fight.”


This being the most important match of Chris’s career to date. It seems he is pulling out all the stops to make sure to come away on November 27th with the win. Training with the likes of Corey and Zach Fry, a legend of the cage in Stevie Ray as well as up and coming powerhouses like Mark Ewen is proof enough that he will be equipped with a full arsenal at the  Imperial Banqueting Suite, St. Mary’s Suite North, Preston at the stacked UKFC 17.


Last but not least do you have a message for the fans that will be in attendance and anybody you’d like to shout out to?


“Most definitely, firstly I would like to thank all of the people who are supporting me, by either coming to my fight or watching the PPV. It has truly been eye-opening to see the amount of support I have had throughout my journey, so thank you to you all! I would also like to thank my teammates, who have invested either their time, efforts and knowledge into me, I would most definitely not be here today without them!”


“Lastly, I would personally like to thank all my sponsors who have contributed to my success so far!”


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Rowlec Limited


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CTM Mobile Mechanic


Lee Miller Joinery


Livesey’s Butchers


JC Fitness & Martial Arts


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