Interview with Josh Kennedy ahead of his upcoming amateur welterweight title bout against Malichi edwards at UKFC 17

Interview with Josh Kennedy ahead of his upcoming amateur welterweight title bout against Malichi edwards at UKFC 17

Josh Kennedy 7-2-0 is an English amateur Mixed Martial Artist currently competing in the Welterweight Division, representing 4 Corners Gym. An amateur competitor since 2016. He has competed for ICE FC, Celtic Gladiator, Tankō FC, Euro Fight Night, Gladiator Promotions UK, Risk Fight League, Figure 4 Promotions and Preston based organisation UKFC.


Appreciate you taking the time to speak to me today Josh, how has training been going in the build-up to your scheduled match up at UKFC 17?


“My training has been going phenomenal, always improving, this is something I’ve always wanted and it’s mine for the taking, I’d fight today.”


As you set to take on the ultimate goal for the amateur Welterweight Championship, November 27th. The only thing standing in the way of your title aspirations is Malichi Edwards. Have you had the opportunity to witness Malichi in action? What do you make of your opponent for UKFC 17?


“I’ve trained with Malachi just as lockdown ended and I just got back training, but I’m not bothered about who’s across the cage from me, I know what I can achieve and in my eyes no one in my way the only person that can get in my way is my own mind and I fixed that a long time ago, you win the title in training, not the cage.”


Last the fans of Preston saw you for the UKFC, was Back in 2017 at UKFC 5. Since your career has taken you across six organisations, no doubt the time away has given you many more weapons to your arsenal. What have fight fans in Preston got in store come November when they get to witness your return?


“I can’t wait to get back in there it’s my dream to show everyone what you can achieve if you stay consistent. I’ve not competed in over 2 years, I’ve missed it but I’ve stayed positive, I knew my time would come.”


As previously discussed, you have fought many times since 2017, most recently at Grapplefest 6 back in 2019. Which one of these Outings stands out the most for you?


“Out of all my fights, the only thing that has left a chip on my shoulder is ICE FC, when I lost my title fight over 3 years ago, that never left me and I refuse to let this next opportunity pass me. I will be the UKFC Welterweight Champion.”


With the hunger for gold burning deep within the warrior in Josh, redemption is the main focus come November 27th. A proven warrior inside and out of the cage, no doubt we will be seeing an explosive return to the UKFC cage.


Without giving too much away, what steps have you been taking to make sure you step out of the  Imperial Banqueting Suite, St. Mary’s Suite North with Welterweight gold around your waist?


“I mean, anyone with a good fight IQ knows where the fights going. Malichi is a striker. I’m a grappler. I’m confident anywhere with him, but we all know what I’m planning on doing.”


Confidence in the fight game is a key element to success in the cage, with the night at UKFC 17 and the man from 4 Corners Gym doesn’t lack it. I think we will see a very anticipated improvement to Josh’s game. 


Last but not least do you have a message for the fans that will be in attendance and anybody you’d like to give a shout out to?


I don’t really have a message for the people. I’m just going to show them what happens when you get back on your feet, stay patient and work hard, no dream is too big. 


“Shout out to everyone that’s helped me my whole life. November 27th, my dreams are just getting started and I couldn’t have done it without them.”

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