MMA UK Upcoming events 2022

MMA UK Upcoming events 2022

A list of upcoming MMA events will be updated every time a new show is announced so be sure to check back and there will also be links to take you straight to the promotion if you want to find out more information about that specific event. We will also provide ticket links for events once there available and we will provide results after each event.

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January Events

January 22nd: Almighty Fighting Championship 22 – Houghton le Spring England – Almighty  Fighting Championships 22 Results

January 23rd: Fightstar Interclub 48 – Dewsbury, England

January 30th: Fightstar Interclub 49 – Birmingham, England

February Events 

February 5th: Ambition Fight Series – London, England

February 5th: Ultimate Fight League – Barking, England

February 12th: Budo Fighting Championship 47 Patti Pavilion, Wales

February 19th: Retribution Fighting Championship – Camden, England

February 19th:  Almighty Fighting Championship  23 Barnsley, England

February 19th: Evolution of Combat 11 – Glasgow, Scotland

February 19th: Supreme Championships 16 – Bournemouth, England

February 26th: Elite Combat MMA – Birmingham, England

March Events

March 5th: Battle Arena – Wolverhampton, England

March 5th: Full Contact Contender 28 – Bolton, England

March 5th: Golden Ticket Fight Promotions 18 – Wolverhampton, England

March 5th: Raged UK MMA – Swindon, England

March 5th: Road to Contenders 5 – Norwich, England

March 5th: Strata Fight Championship – Cleethorpes, England

March 5th: Victory Fights – Brighton, England

March 6th: Fightstar Interclub 50 – Manchester, England

March 12th: Cage Warriors Academy South East – Colchester, England

March 12th: Revolution Elite Combat Championships 12 – Worksop, England

March 12th: UK Fighting Championships – Preston, England

March 18th: Cage Warriors 134 – London, England

March 18th: Lionheart Combat Events 6 – Stafford, England

March 19th: Battle Arena – Birmingham, England

March 19th: Caged Steel – Doncaster, England

March 19th: Fusion – Epsom, England

March 19th: Lion Fighting Championships – Chatham, England

March 19th: UFC – London, England

March 26th: 300 Interclub – Halifax, England

March 26th: Budo Fighting Championship 48 Bolton, England

March 26th: Cage Warriors Academy Wales – Ebbw Vale, Wales

March 26th: Fightstar Championship 21 – London, England

April Events

April 2nd:   Almighty Fighting Championship 24 Liverpool, England

April 2nd: Anarchy Fight Series – Blackburn, England

April 2nd: Battle Arena – Gloucester, England

April 2nd: Contenders 32 – London, England

April 3rd: Fightstar Interclub 51

April 9th: Battle Arena – Paisley, Scotland

April 9th: X-treme Kombat – Barrow in Furness, England

April 16th: Meltdown Fighting Championships – Bristol, England

April 17th: BMF MMA – Barnsley. England

April 23rd: Cage Warriors Academy Wales – Ebbw Vale, Wales

April 23rd: Shock n Awe – Portsmouth, England

April 30th: Battle Arena – Leicester, England

May Events

May 7th:  – Battle Arena – Crewe, England

May 7th: Budo Fighting Championship 49 – Grangemouth, Scotland

May 7th: Warriors International Fight Night – Worcester, England

May 13th: Bellator MMA – London, England

May 14th: Battle Arena – Milton Keynes, England

May 14th: Brett Johns Fight Night – Pemberton, Wales

May 14th: Unity Fighting Championship – Darlington, England

May 21st: Fightstar Championship 22 – London, England

May 21st: Rise and Conquer – Sunderland, England

May 28th:  Almighty Fighting Championship 25 – Barnsley, England

May 28th: –Battle Arena – Peterborough, England

June Events

June 4th: Battle Arena – Wolverhampton, England

June 4th:  Golden Ticket Fight Promotions 19 – Wolverhampton, England

June 18th: Fightstar Championship  22 – London, England

June 25th:  Almighty Fighting Championship 26 Houghton le Spring, England

June 25th:  Battle Arena – Sheffield, England

June 25th: Cage Warriors Academy Wales – Ebbw Vale, Wales

July Events

July 2nd: Almighty Fighting Championship 27 – Liverpool, England

July 9th:  Battle Arena – Gloucester, England

July 16th: Battle Arena – Liverpool, England

July 16th: BMF MMA – Barnsley. England

July 16th: Cage Warriors Academy South East – Colchester, England

July 23rd:  Battle Arena – Paisley, Scotland

August Events

August 20th:  Almighty Fighting Championship 28 – Barnsley, England

September Events

September 3rd:  Battle Arena  – Nottingham, England

September 3rd: Golden Ticket Fight Promotions Wolverhampton, England

September 10th: Almighty Fighting Championship 29 – Houghton le Spring,  England

September 10th: Battle Arena – Crewe, England

September 10th: Full Contact Contender 29 – Bolton, England

September 17th:  Battle Arena – Peterborough, England

September 24th:  Battle Arena – Milton Keynes, England

October Events

October 1st:  30 – Almighty Fighting Championship  Liverpool, England

October 1st:  Battle Arena– Wolverhampton, England

October 1st:  –Rise and Conquer  Sunderland, England

October 8th: BMF MMA – Barnsley. England

October 8th: Cage Warriors Academy South East – Colchester, England

October 8th: Cage Warriors Academy Wales – Ebbw Vale, Wales

October 15th:  Battle Arena– Sheffield

October 15th: Lion Fighting Championships – Chatham, England

October 22nd: Golden Ticket Fight Promotions Wolverhampton, England

October 29th:  Battle Arena – Gloucester, England

November Events

November 12th –Battle Arena  – Paisley, Scotland

November 19th:  Battle Arena– Liverpool. England

November 26th:  Battle Arena– Birmingham, England

November 26th:   Almighty Fighting Championship 31 – Barnsley, England

December Events

December 3rd:  Almighty Fighting Championship 32 – Liverpool, England

December 3rd: Golden Ticket Fight Promotions Wolverhampton, England

December 6th: Battle Arena – Milton Keynes, England

December 10th: Almighty Fighting Championship  33 – Houghton le Spring, England

December 10th: Cage Warriors Academy South East – Colchester, England

December 10th: Fightstar Championship 23 – London, England

December 11th:  Battle Arena– Sheffield, England

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