Interview with Jack Grundy ahead of his upcoming bout against Connor Chamberlain at UKFC18

Interview with Jack Grundy ahead of his upcoming bout against Connor Chamberlain at UKFC18

Jack Grundy 1-0-0 is an English amateur Mixed Martial Artist. An amateur competitor since 2021, representing Team Kaobon. He has competed for Almighty Fighting Championship and is scheduled to compete for Preston based organisation UKFC.


I appreciate you taking the time to speak to me today Jack, I hope training has been going well in the build-up to your highly anticipated return to the cage.


March 12th you take your second step on your amateur journey when you take on Hammer North Wales’ Connor Chamberlain. This will be a factor for both of you along your amateur journey, have you had the opportunity to do some research on your opponent leading up to your scheduled encounter at UKFC18?


“Yeah, I always study my opponent so I always know what to expect when I step in the cage with them.”


Last we had the pleasure of witnessing you in action was back in November 2021 at AFC21, taking on and defeating a more experienced fighter in Alex Williams. Not only sealing the victory but doing it in explosive TKO/KO fashion must have been an amazing feeling on your first time out there. What was going through your mind after that extraordinary debut?


“In my eyes, Alex is the second-best fighter in the country in my age category and I’m the first, so it was a good debut to show my level I was on. Which I did and I was very pleased with getting it done in the first round, the feeling was unbelievable.”


A warrior’s path is never clear, some find their reasons to train. But for some, it’s a family thing. Being the son of UFC’s Legend Mike Grundy, was your Career choice always to follow in your father’s footsteps?


“Yeah, it has always been that way, the same with wrestling and now with MMA. I always want to follow in my dad’s footsteps in the cage and also out.”


Team kaobon will be making its mark at the Riva Showbar in Preston no doubt, with you and fellow teammates Yannick Goitom’s and Aaron Small’s addition to the already stacked card. Other than your inclusion on the night, are there any scheduled matchups in particular that you’re looking forward to witnessing?


“I’m looking forward to both of my teammates’ fights, one being Aaron Small who I look forward to seeing him continue his unbeaten streak and Yannick goitom, making his debut. Who is a really big prospect for the future and no doubt us three will be stealing the show on the night.”


Last but not least do you have a message for the fans that will be in attendance and anybody you’d like to shout out to?


“The fans are definitely in for a good night of fights and I’d like to thank my team, Team Kaobon as always.”

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