Moreno vs Figueiredo 4 in the works

In a recent Tweet, Ariel Helwani has announced that his sources confirmed that the UFC is wanting to set up a 4th fight between Fig and Moreno, possibly sometime in July.

This would hopefully bring a conclusion to what has been the most entertaining rivalry in the Bantamweight’s history. All three fights to date have either been FOTN or FOTY worthy performances, with the score tied at 1 win apiece and a draw.

While no official word from the UFC has been given, let’s remember that Fig was asking for upwards of a million for the 4th fight. While it is unlikely that he will get his wish, the UFC recognizes the opportunity that they have in front of them. Both fighters have asked to have the 4th fight take place in either Mexico or Brazil so we will have to wait and see if they come to a middle ground.

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