The Smesh Bros

Move aside Hasbullah and say hello to the new kings of MMA social media. The new sensation known as The Smesh bros are compromised of Khamzat Chimaev and Darren Till, this unlikely pair have quite literally taken over the internet and have created content that has garnered the attention of the whole MMA community. We have seen both fighters develop a form of brotherhood that is not often seen at their level. Many are comparing them to friendships such as DC and Cain, or Masvidal and Covington. But personally, I feel like this is something completely different.

While both fighters come from diferent worlds, they are almost the same person when it comes to their inner child and competitive nature. We have seen videos and heard stories like the one Michael Bisping told about the two fighters doing doughnuts in a gas station parking lot or terrorizing a Target. Regardless of the funny stories, both fighters have been putting in some serious work in the gym. While we are only given snippets of their workouts and sparring, one can tell that they mean business with every training session. Till has gone to Sweden to train with Khamzat at the Allstar Training Center in Stockholm. These two have a contrast in styles which makes for a perfect yin and yang scenario. On one hand, you have Till who is known for his kickboxing and Khamzat with his Freestyle wrestling background. Both are great athletes and have the will to face anyone anywhere, so this combination is shaping up to be one of epic proportions if they can maintain the friendship.

It will be very interesting to watch how both fighters continue to learn and grow from each other. Darren is currently on a 2 fight losing streak (Brunson, Whittaker) and is looking to light that fire that many fans saw during his run as a welterweight contender. Darren has not looked like himself as of late and whether it be injuries or lack of passion, he certainly seems to have found it with Khamzat once more. While there is no timetable or announcement of when we might see Till back in action, a potential opponent has been talked about in Uriah Hall. Both fighters dislike each other and have been calling each other out for some time. This would serve as a perfect comeback fight for the Liverpool native as Hall is a known striker and lost his last fight. As for Khamzat, he is set to face Gilbert Burns this Saturday, in what will be his biggest task to date.

There is something to be said about this newfound friendship, as we have seen so many other one time friends turn to foes. While these two fight in separate weight classes (for now), one never knows where this crazy game of MMA will lead us. Would a fight between these two be entertaining? Absolutely. But I for one actually prefer these two as training partners or simply friends due to the fact that both fighters will continue to improve immensely from training with one another, and as a massive fan of Till, I would love to see him contend at middleweight. Just imagine the smesh bros both as champions of 185 and 170.

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