5 MMA Games We’d Love To See

5 MMA Games We’d Love To See

A few years ago, an article on Forbes stated that MMA had amassed some 450 million fans around the world. In the intervening time, that number has almost certainly gone up. Despite the fact that it has become a major sport though (and UFC in particular a major organisation), the gaming scene surrounding MMA remains somewhat lacking.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t MMA games. There are a few out there, and some are even fairly entertaining. But we’d like to see more examples across platforms and styles of games. Ideas like the following would both satisfy existing fans and, in all likelihood, continue to expand MMA’s influence even further.



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1. Bigger & Better Console Game

EA Sports’ UFC series has actually been decent, with 2020’s UFC 4 representing a peak for the series. The games basically mimic other major sports games, in that they allow you to either play as an established fighter or start your own career. Understandably at this point though, the UFC series just isn’t quite as dynamic or big as series like FIFA, MLB: The Show, Madden, or NBA 2K. Those games simply have more to offer in terms of game modes, career options, and the like. A UFC game that more closely approximated the size and scope of those other series would be a big deal.

2. VR Game

VR developers have touched on MMA already. And for that matter, EA Sports Virtual Fight Card pretty closely approximates what we’d like to see from a proper VR fighting sport game. But what we’d really hope to see in the long run is a game like the one we just described for major consoles, played out entirely in VR. We’re a few years away from that sort of thing, but here’s hoping that in time we’ll be able to step into games as fighters in first-person virtual reality and see what we’ve got.

3. Arcade-Style Mobile Game

Mobile gaming has helped us all realise that the newest games don’t necessarily have to have photorealistic graphics or eye-popping gameplay. A lot of indie developers in the mobile space have instead found success through the intentional use of outdated graphics and styles, affectionately referred to in many cases as “retro.” In this vein, we would also love to see an arcade-style MMA game for mobile devices. The game could still incorporate modern fighters, but doing so within an 8-bit arcade brawler setup would make the experience appealing to a whole new audience.

4. Online Slot Games

An online slot game these days can revolve around just about anything. Developer NetEnt has built up a multibillion-dollar value in part through games based on rock bands; Playtech has been similarly successful with slots concerning the ancient Roman and Greek gods. Gala Spins showcases some of the most notable jackpots on the internet at any given time, and as of this writing is hosting games about pirates, train robbers, and Christmas. And more to the point of MMA, there are also various sports and boxing games –– and even one called MMA Legends –– spread across casino sites. Simply put, it’s a category of gaming in which just about anything goes, and a whole series of games promoting different fighters and events isn’t out of the question. These would be tons of fun for casino gamers who happen to like MMA, and would also expand the sport’s visibility with new demographics.

5. Crossover Fighting Game

Crossover fighting games are always a little bit over the top, but then that’s the point. Perhaps more than any game on this list, we’d enjoy seeing a sensationalist take on MMA, perhaps in the vein of the WWE Immortals games (which basically turn professional wrestlers into superheroes). Throw in some crossover appeal –– such that MMA fighters could face off with wrestlers, boxers, or even athletes from other sports –– and this would seem to be a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. It might not be realistic, but it would be a whole lot of fun.

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