Dan Vinni speaks about his TKO win at Sparta Fight Knights: Rise Of Sparta

Dan Vinni 23-17-2 is an English professional Mixed Martial Artist currently competing in the Light-heavyweight division, representing Team Skynet. He has competed for Gladiator Wars, Extreme Brawl UK, Ultimate Warrior Challenge UK, Fighter Gala, Cage Warriors, the Sweden Regionals, Fight UK, 100% Fight, ProFC, Phoenix MMA UK, Caged Steel, the Bulgaria Regionals, KTMMA, Macto Championships, Combat Performance League, European Breakdown, Bellator MMA, MTK MMA, Spartacus Fighting Championship, UAE Warriors, Parus FC, Supreme CFC and recently made his debut for Sparta Fight Knights.


I’d like to start this off by congratulating you on your phenomenal W at Sparta Fight Knights: Rise Of Sparta.


Your inclusion saw an unbelievable TKO over stand-in opponent George Reece within the very first round was an end to a very different combat sports event. From your perspective, how do you feel about your main-event showdown?


“Thanks for the congratulations, Sparta is an amazing event with a great team of people behind it. The last-minute opponent changes were frustrating but all respect to my opponent.”


Being used to the familiar environment of a cage throughout your MMA career, was the Boxing ring scenario a welcome change for you?


“Going back in the day, I fought a fair bit in rings as well as a couple of times on mats and obviously cages. In my opinion, rings are a little better for the fans to see what’s going on. under these rules, it lends itself to keeping the action fast-paced with less cage wrestling/more stand up etc.”


This being the organisation’s first show to date, would the prospect of returning to Manchester and helping build the reputation of Sparta Fight Knights prosper in the future be something that you’d consider along with your fighting career?


“Of course, I honestly believe in the future success of the show and while being at the tail end of my career I love the idea of competing under different rule sets. Even though I trained extensively for the ruleset, I was still so thrown off when it came to it. I think a few people misinterpreted the intricacies of open guard rule, myself included. I was thinking it was like in the Cage Rage days where the ref would signal open guard then you could stomp etc. But this show had other things to consider, like whether the feet were off the ground or not/distance from the ropes/not kicking once passed the guard were all factors. deep down, I probably didn’t wanna stomp a guy who stepped in on a couple of hours’ notice haha. So I would love another opportunity to do it again.”


14 extraordinary bouts took place on Saturday night. Were there any matchups in particular that you got to witness before you took the walk that you particularly enjoyed witnessing?


“Unfortunately, I didn’t see any of the pro MMA fights but I watched almost all the early fights. I really have to say I’m amazed at the level of amateur MMA in the UK, the athletes and skill level is unreal. The boxing/kickboxing fights were crazy too.”


Thank you for taking the time to speak to me today Dan, I look forward to hearing news of your next step on your MMA journey.


Thanks, mate, I really appreciate the opportunity. I’d really like to thank everyone involved in the show and everyone who came to watch, all my sponsors and affiliates. My next fight will be in Uzbekistan in Muradov Fighting League, which I hope we can discuss at a later date.


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