Ian Entwistle – “I am going to run straight through him!”

Ian ‘Enty’ Entwistle 9-4-0 is an English professional Mixed Martial Artist currently competing in the Featherweight Division. He has competed for Caged Conflict, KnuckleUp MMA, Cage Warriors, OMMAC, Fight Ikon, Brave FC, UFC and is due to make his debut for Ares FC on May 20th.


I’d like to start this off by thanking you for taking the time to speak to me today Ian, and also to congratulate you on your recent fight announcement for Ares 6.


I hope training has been going well in the build up to your rescheduled return to the cage?


“Yeah, training is going really well. I’ve had lots of rounds with lots of different guys. I have sparred with guys in this camp that are far heavier than me to make things as uncomfortable as possible.”


Your experience in the proverbial Lion’s den has seen you take centre stage on the biggest stages of them all at the UFC as well as the biggest stages in Europe at Cage Warriors. Bringing with you exceptional talents to your new hunting ground.


What drew you in to fight under the banner of Ares FC?


“Good Money, regular fights and their roster of fighters is strong and I like the bonus system they have in place.”


Fight fans as I’m sure yourself also, were eager to witness you take the walk again back at Ares 5.


due to an unfortunate injury sustained by your opponent Ylies Djiroun, your return was put on ice. How did you feel when receiving the news that your camp seemed to be in vain?


“Real bad shit happens every day In this world. My fighter pulling out from injury is minor. I don’t moan and complain about shit, it is what it is. I kept grinding, waiting for Ares to send me my opportunity.


With swift work by the Ares FC team, you have been included on the Ares 6 card, a great show of class by the organization has you taking your 1st walk down to the cage for the new home of your fighting career.


“For sure, it was good of them and I am looking forward to it.”


What was going through your mind when receiving the call so soon after the disappointment of not being able to compete on the 16th?


“We knew it was coming so I stayed ready waiting for a name.”


The date is set, May 20th you will be taking on Arthur Demonceaux. Also making his debut and intentions known that he wants to take on the best the division has to offer.


What do you make of Arthur in the build-up to your scheduled meeting?


“I am going to run straight through him!”


Without giving too much away what steps have you been taking to make sure you walk out with your arm raised and another W on your fight record.


“hard work!”


Other than your inclusion on the night are there any matchups in particular that you’re looking forward to witnessing?


“Nah mate, the only thing I will focus on that night is my fight. My win bonus, my performance of the night bonus. The card looks stacked but on that night I am there to focus on me and the job in front of me which is to break Arthur.”


It has been a pleasure speaking with you today Ian, and I look forward to witnessing you out there.


Last but not least do you have a message for the fans that will be in attendance and anybody you’d like to give a shout-out to? 


“Yeah I would like to thank everyone who wants to see me do well.”

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