Dacre Bradley – “I am progressing faster than ever”.

Dacre Bradley is an Amateur Mixed Martial Artist fighting out of Exeter, Devon. He made his MMA debut on June 25th 2022 at Cage Warriors Academy Wales, earning a Decision victory over Aaron Peterson.

At just 21 years old, the Featherweight fighter already holds a 1-0 MMA record and a 3-0 Muay Thai record. We reached out to Dacre and he gave us the time to give him a quick interview.

Dacre, thanks for taking the time to chat to me today. You made your MMA debut just a couple of weeks ago at the Cage Warriors Academy Wales show, how did it feel to be out there?

“I felt great in there, calm and collected. Fighting under the bright lights on platforms like Cage Warriors is why I do this, there is no feeling like it.

You certainly looked great out there. You looked like a man who was making his 100th walkout, not his first! How was the preparation and experience different in this MMA bout, compared to the Muay Thai scene?

“I train hard regardless of the ruleset, but for this fight I worked lots on my grappling. The stakes were higher for this one so I left no stone unturned in fight camp”.

It seemed like you didn’t take too much damage in your last fight. When do you want to make that walk again? Is MMA the main focus for you now?

“My style minimises the damage I take, which will allow for a longer career. I am aiming to be back on Cage Warriors Academy Wales on October 8th 2022, so until then I will continue to evolve my skill set. My entire life revolves around MMA and I’m excited to see where this journey ends up”.

I am excited to see it unfold too! I want to talk to you about your gym and training. You train at the Lions Den in Exeter and also Team Chaos who have a gym in Okehampton. What can you say about them, and how they’re shaping you as a fighter moving forward?

“I train all my MMA at the Den under Dave Matthews, who is much more than a coach to me. I also have great training partners there who push me everyday. I train at Team Chaos to sharpen my striking by working with Steven Pender and the high level strikers there. I could not ask for a better team of people around me and I feel like I am progressing faster than ever”.

I’ve heard much of the same about Dave. Steve is fantastic also. You have a great team around you, so it is no wonder the success you’re having. Where do you want to be in the next year or two? Do you have a specific goal in mind, or a certain organisation you want to be involved with?

“I’d like to continue winning on big platforms and developing as a fighter. Everything else with come as a result of that”.

Dacre, thanks for chatting with me, I am excited to watch your career progress. We’ll catch up soon!

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