Fightstar Championship joins forces with EMMAA

Fightstar Championship joins forces with EMMAA

The EMMAA four nations was full of success, exceptional athletes, great showmanship and proof that the UK is home to some of the finest athletes in the world.


Not to mention the exceptional comradery shown by so many coaches, referees, and all the professionals that work behind the scenes in and around the UK Mixed martial arts community. With special credit going to Paul Reed, for getting everything ready and making it all tick. Also Leon Roberts and Brad Dodic for making sure the fighters came out ready and on time.



The backing of this phenomenal platform has been outstanding this year. Giving what I like to call ‘the roots of the sport’ i.e.the amateurs, a place to grow not just inside the cage, but also equipping them with a vast array of knowledge from all walks of MMA life.


Fightstar Championship has now joined the many UK organisations dedicated to the cause to make sure this phenomenal platform has even more of a boost to continue giving young fighters a place to excel along their respective journeys.


Owner Raj Singh had this to say on his recent declaration to join forces with the EMMAA.



“FSC has been providing a safe platform for Pro & Amateurs fighters for many years. Now is the right time to join EMMAA, not only to enhance our promotion but to strengthen the future of UK MMA.”


Fightstar Championship has played host to many extraordinary warriors on the MMA circuit. making sure gifted amateurs and well-rounded professionals have a stage and an opportunity to gain much-needed cage time, as well as an organisation that has the fighter’s best interests in mind.


It’s taken some time, but with the countless personal time and selfless effort put in by so many. The UK has notably taken a huge step in securing its rightful place as one of the world’s leading countries to have made sure athletes have every opportunity they so rightfully deserve to make their dreams come to fruition.


With extraordinary individuals like these, I’m confident in the knowledge that each and every athlete will look forward to a very bright future in the brutal yet exhilarating world of mixed martial arts.

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