Kamaru Usman wants the 205 pound title

The Nigerian nightmare is the current P4P king of MMA. He is the undisputed UFC welterweight champion with a remarkable record of 20-1, he has defended his belt 5 times and is on the brink of lapping his division with only a few worthy contenders still standing. But while one would think being the best in your division would suffice, it is not enough for the champ.

Kamaru Usman has been extremely vocal in wanting to crossover to boxing and face one of the greatest boxers ever and take on 4 division champ Canelo Alvarez at his own game. While this seems highly unlikely, many fans are now saying his new goal is just as absurd and unattainable.

In a recent interview with TMZ, Kamaru said that his focus is on defeating Leon a second time, but that after his victory his sights are set on 205 regardless of who the champ may be at that time. A backstage photo also fanned the flames a bit as the champ was seen facing off with former 205 champion Jan Blachowicz. Usman has also made it clear that he would skip over 185 and not fight his friend Adesanya, who he claims would only fight for 100 million.

There is a 35-pound difference from 170 to 205, but as we know Usman won’t have to shed a single ounce for this bout. But just because there is no weight cut doesn’t make this fight any easier. Adesanya made the leap from 185 and took on a much larger champion in Jan and came up short largely due to being outsized and outmuscled.

While Usman has been known for his grappling ability, he has developed a new and improved striking style that has allowed him to finish 3 of his last 5 opponents by KO or TKO. Of the 3 top 205’ers, we have the champ Jiri who is a lethal striker, Jan who is pure Polish power, and Glover who can strike but is an anaconda on the ground. Regardless of who is champion when and if the fight happens, Usman will have his work cut out for him.

Usman is scheduled for his 6th title defense on August 20th in Salt Lake City Utah, against former opponent Leon Edwards who is on a 9-fight win streak and has yet to lose since he first fought Usman in 2015.

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