Kate Bacik – “This was my last amateur fight”

The women of MMA have proven time and time again that they can be just as brutal and dominating as their male counterparts in the cage.


At Fightstar Championship 22 we had the pleasure of witnessing one of the UK’s finest amateurs and EMMAA four nations stand-out, compete on the Main Card.


New Wave Academy’s Kate Bacik secured yet another explosive digit to her record via TKO over Vitor Shaolin Team’s Mechel Goessens in the very 1st round at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre.


I caught up with Kate after her exceptional display, to find out what was put in place to sure victory, and future plans in the brutal yet exhilarating world of mixed martial arts.


Congratulations on that astonishing victory Kate, how do you feel after your performance out there?


“Thank you, I feel good but at the same time slightly disappointed I’m not gonna lie. For two reasons, 1 is I trained fucking hard for this fight and it finished in just over a minute so I didn’t actually get to show shit. And 2 I wanted to keep it standing but I just seemed to take it down again haha.”


You were absolutely dominant out there, I completely understand that you’d love to get more cage time but the quick victory must feel like a compliment to your willingness to succeed?


“I dunno man, it’s hard to say. The only way to see and contest your level is to actually get into an all-out war, all 3 rounder and you get to see a lot, and you see what is needed to improve. After watching this fight, there’s gonna be loads of things I’m gonna see in regards to ways to improve, but not as much if it went to 2 or 3 rounds and mixed it up a bit more you know.”


I get that completely, it’s all a learning curve.


You guys at New Wave do so well on the regional scene. Are you looking to continue on this path or are you looking toward different projects?


“This was my last amateur fight, I know I’ve had 2, 3 kind of in total, but I’m turning pro now. So my next fight is gonna be pro, hopefully in August, and it will be a brawl more than likely haha, so big things ahead.”


I look forward to witnessing the next step of your career Kate, again, congratulations. Before you go to celebrate with your team is there anybody you’d like to give a shout-out to?


“Thank you. Loads of people helped me in this camp, I always have so many people to shout-out and I always forget half of them haha. Shout-out to all my coaches at New Wave, and all my teammates. But also, what made a difference in this camp was going to Daniel Sam’s working on my striking. I come from a Muay-Thai background so it was nice to come back to my roots and really push that. Also, my fitness improved massively going there, the sessions are crazy. Shout-out to everyone at London Grapple as well, Salsa Kings Academy and everyone that has ever trained with me leading up to this and everything else in the future.”

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