Bane Dundavan – “I’m back training getting it done”

It’s been just over two weeks since the explosive Fightstar Championship 22 card in London. In the aftermath of the night of Mixed Martial Arts madness, fighters reflect on their performances.


I took a trip down to Great Britain Top Team to catch up with 1 half of the Co-Main Event in London Bane Dundavan. To gain his thoughts on his victorious inclusion.


Bane ‘Does Dis’ Dundavan 5-4-0 is an English professional Mixed Martial Artist currently competing in the Featherweight division, representing Great Britain Top Team. He has competed for Fusion FC, UCMMA, WCMMA and Fightstar Championship.


Thank you for reaching out and giving me the opportunity to catch up with you today Bane, I was hoping to grab a chat with you to congratulate you on that absolute war on July 15th.


“Yeah no problem, we were meant to speak after the fight so I thought I’d drop you a message. Thank you, it was a good fight, a couple of weeks ago now.”


You must still be buzzing from what transpired?


“Yeah for sure, you stay high but you gotta know what’s coming next. It was more the case of getting back in there, getting your hand raised is always good but you can never stay comfortable for too long with that feeling.”


Your collision with Harry Davies was well deserved for the Co-Main-Event title, what were your thoughts on your well-rounded opponent in the sun-soaked capital?


“I’m not gonna lie, he’s loose bruv. He was talking to me the whole way through the fight, he seemed alright after the fight. I didn’t really put my head too much into it, I didn’t get too emotionally attached to it, it was more of the case of going out there and do my thing. Him as a person and an all-rounded fighter, he came in with a solid record, I knew he was game and was coming to bang. I knew what he was coming for and what he had to offer, I was very comfortable with my own game and getting the job done.”


It was an epic bout, well worth the wait.


“That’s what I was trying to get at, the whole evolution of it all. Don’t get me wrong, it was far from a perfect performance. But all things considered, the layoff, personal battles that go on, getting through it all and just getting to the night, making weight as I did like a professional. I got down from a big weight, I’m not the smallest of Featherweights I don’t think.”


You promised a war out there and you both certainly delivered, from start to finish you guys had the fans on the edge of their seats. Now the proverbial dust has settled and you’ve had time to reflect on your all-out war with Harry, what did you take from that sold-out night in Crystal Palace?


“I took out the experience, the memories but most importantly the love for the sport again. I promised a war, and this is the funny thing, I said I was expecting a war, just because I was expecting something doesn’t mean I was just stand and bang. I’d like to think I came out of it more technical than I have done in the past, I feel like I showed my fighting IQ and what needed to be done on the night. Now onto the next, it was definitely a good night.”



With a successful outing complete, light training commences after a hard-fought victory. What has been your main focus at GBTT since Fightstar Championship 22?


“For me, I used to be one of those guys that’d have a fight and then you wouldn’t see me. I’d be out and doing something, doing some madness, people close to me know how I was but I’ve just changed everything up recently, I’m just a family man now. I work and I train every day. Either way, I’m coming to the gym regardless of what’s transpired over the weekend, I’ll be back in the gym, working and improving. Like I said in our previous interview, I’ve learned to love the sport again, for what it is and not necessarily do the wrong things. So I’m back training, getting it done.”



An elite display of your prolific arsenal in London will no doubt turned some heads, promoters and fighters alike.


Have you given some thought to what’s next on your Mixed Martial Arts agenda, is a return to Raj Singh’s promotion on the cards, or have you set your sights further afield?


“To be honest, it’s more the case of the opportunities that arise. I used to do everything on my own in the sense of trying to get fights, I’m speaking to other people now, building relationships with sponsorships, management and all that. It’s just about the discussions now and seeing the right opportunity going forward. Fightstar for me is a very good promotion. I’ve been to a lot of local and regional shows across my career, some of the big names across the circuit. Raj looks after you, sticks to his work and keeps it 100 percent for the fighters. It was a blessing it was local for me haha. I left my house on a Friday night, said goodbye to my wife l, went and had a quick scrap and was back a few hours later haha, I felt like it was ten years ago haha.”


I look forward to your future announcements Bane, and congratulations again on a phenomenal victory.


Last but not least, do you have a message for the readers and anybody you’d like to give a shout-out to?


“Just keep an eye out for what’s to come, I’m not here just to have one fight and go missing anymore, I’m definitely trying to do it the right way. You’re gonna see my name floating around one hundred percent, within exciting fights. As everybody knows now, I’m gonna bring exciting fights. Big Shout-out to my wife and family, and all my coaches at Great Britain Top Team.”

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