Will Cyborg sign with the PFL?

Will Cyborg sign with the PFL?

Since 2005, Cris Cyborg (26-2) has been one of the most ferocious and intimidating figures in all of women’s MMA. As a fighter, she brought the art of violence like no other female before her and left a trail of bodies on her way to the top. The current Bellator champ is currently a free agent and is looking to make her next move.

We have witnessed the Brazilian fighter dismantle some of the best female fighters on the planet on her way to being crowned champion in every major organization that she’s fought for. She has held titles in organizations like Strikeforce, Invicta, UFC, and Bellator. 

In her most recent outing at Bellator, she went 5-0 and captured the belt in her first fight after leaving the UFC. Many say that her only competition is in the UFC, but seeing as her relationship with the company as well as Dana White has been nothing but negative it is highly unlikely we will ever see her back or rematching Amanda Nunes any time soon. 

That leaves 3 options One Championship, PFL, or Bellator, and seeing as One doesn’t have a weight class or fighters that could make 145 we can cross them off the list. Bellator is the one company that has multiple fighters willing or able to make Cyborg’s weight of 145. But as it stands, Cris has already taken out the best fighters they have to offer with the exception of Cat Zingano.

Last but not least we have the PFL. This option is very intriguing for Cris, as she would have less competition than in Bellator, but has 2 possible opponents there that would give her a bigger test than anyone in Bellator. 

First, we have former UFC vet Larissa Pacheco (17-4) who is riding a 4-fight win streak (all finishes) and has had a career resurgence since joining the PFL. 

But as MMA fans know the Queen of the PFL is 14-0 and two-time Olympic gold medalist Kayla Harrison. The also two-time PFL tournament winner has been giving people flashbacks of what Ronda Rousey did when she first exploded on the scene scoring 5 submission wins as well as 6 TKOs, Harris is looking for a 3rd tournament while making the competition look easy. 

With the news of the PFL offering the two fighters a 1 million dollar purse for the super fight, it will be interesting to see what direction the Brazilian fighter decides to go, with so many organizations and belts conquered, there seems to be one last option. 

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