IMMAF Holds Coaching and Cutmen Courses Ahead of the 2022 IMMAF World Championships in Serbia

The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation continues to provide all National Federations with opportunities to develop a stronger national coaching task force.

On February 10 and 11, prior to the 2022 IMMAF World Championships for Senior and Junior athletes, the international governing body will hold the Coach Education and certification course and Cutmen Training in Belgrade, Serbia. Both courses are open to the members of IMMAF affiliated national federations and provide certificates to all participants.

Led by IMMAF Director of Sport Development Andrew Moshanov, the courses are a true and honest insight into the role of the cutman/cutwoman and competency of youth MMA coach. They are part of IMMAF´s goal of developing the young talents of MMA through a program designed and tailored towards the needs of young athletes, in a dynamic and easily accessible way.

Andrew Moshanov said: “Participants will have the opportunity to take an in-depth look into the practise and procedure that every athlete deserves. In the Coach Education Course, the program is about understanding young athletes and avoiding a clash of mentalities between the old-school coaching and the children of the new generation, who were born in the digital era”.

At the end of the two-day course, participants will also benefit from the opportunity of joining the organizing team of the Worlds, through the IMMAF Volunteers program, and gain shadowing experience in logistics of the championships from the IMMAF key staff. – the link to apply for all interested individuals.

These two courses open IMMAF´s 2023 calendar, which will count with many more throughout the year.

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