Nathan Lambert – “We have unfinished business”

The 2023 MMA calendar is in full swing and it’s an amazing time to be a fan of Mixed Martial Arts in the UK.


The return of one of England’s most entertaining promotions UKFC kicks off the year on March 4th with UKFC 22.


Recently added to the evening’s violent festivities will be the rematch between 2 of the UK’s best amateurs, in Nathan Lambert vs Hassan Hussain for the UKFC amateur Welterweight title.


I caught up with one half half of this absolute barn burner Nathan Lambert, who is going all out to prove his skill set will reign supreme in Preston.


Nathan Lambert (5-2-0 is a Welsh amateur Mixed Martial Artist currently competing in the Welterweight division, representing The Pound MMA. He has competed for Shinobi MMA Fighting Championships, Cage Warriors Academy North West, Gladiator Promotions UK, Xtreme Promotions and UKFC.


I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to speak with me again today Nathan, and also to congratulate you on your upcoming Championship opportunity with the UKFC.


“It’s a pleasure mate. I’m excited, I can’t wait for the next outing.”


Was buzzing when I saw the announcement, what a way to start the ball rolling for March.


“Yeah, I think they’ve been looking forward to the rematch to be fair, there seems to be a big fuss.”




Now the festivities have ended, it’s back to normality and a new MMA year has opened up. How does it feel to be back training, and pretty much straight into camp at The Pound?


“It feels good to be honest with you, I’ve been itching through Christmas and New Year to get back to it. I’ve started my camp strong now, I’ve also started training over at HAMMA, over at St Helen’s gym as well. Just to try and get the extra rounds you know, some extra bodies.”




Great Team, I remember at your bout at Xtreme Promotions last year, that Sean Martin, Head coach at HAMMA was commentating. And he was extremely impressed with your performance, even stating you had the abilities to turn pro.


“He made contact with me after that fight actually, he showed a lot of interest. After that performance, he thought I could go pro eventually. He reached out and said if he could help out in any way, so I decided to come and train at his gym for a bit. There’s some good guys there, the likes of Bobby Pallet, good lads there.”


Absolutely, a lot of role models there. The likes of Iain Rollason and Danny Missin, who both had huge success at FCC 32 recently. Both had huge wins, but Danni Missin for me, was definitely the fight of the night.


“I need to watch Danny Missin’s one back, I saw Rollo’s finish, but I’m gonna watch Danny’s one properly soon.:


Since starting out on your amateur journey back in 2017, you have faced off against some of the most exciting talent the UK has to offer. Most of all, your collisions with Preston based organisation UKFC.


In our previous interviews together, you voiced your high regard for Ste Nightingale and his team’s iconic promotion as a place you love to compete at, and desire to return to.


How does it feel to once again take the walk to the Union Jack enclosure, as well as compete for gold with the promotion?


“I’m very excited to be a part of the show again, as well as the title opportunity. I find that the UK Fighting Championships tends to have the highest amateur UK scene, the belt there is held in high regard. If I could hold on to that, that would be a big step up, and it will help me move forward in my career, if I wanna start thinking about going pro. I think holding that belt will plaster my name down on the amateur scene a lot more.”


It’s a very well run promotion I have to agree, and the talent that has competed there is huge. Many who have gone on to the big stages of Bellator, Cage Warriors, even on to becoming Muay-Thai champions on the WBC scene. It’s definitely one of the big shows to watch in the UK.


“It is. I thought if I can be amongst the rankings, get recognised for holding the title, turn some heads, I could really start pushing my career forward.”


I for one see you going on to big things in the not too distant future.


“I hope so man, thank you.”


Your welcome man.


As previously stated, some of the most notable bouts of your career have been in the Northern reaches of England. As you prepare for a well earned title opportunity and you reflect on these epic encounters, what bout stands out for you leading up to your return?


“Looking back, obviously I’ve fought Hassan before, but that was a weird circumstance with some controversy. It didn’t feel like a solid win, so I kind of feel like we have unfinished business, that’s the reason I was looking forward to making the return. We weren’t done yet after that, you know. But before that, my debut for UKFC with Connor Dearn, that was one of the biggest scraps I’ve ever had. I can definitely say that changed everything after that fight. That’s when I realised what sort of game I’m in, and I started to realise I can do it, I just needed to get my head down.”


I’m a fan of both you guys, that was an absolute barn burner or a war. I believe Connor is on his second pro outing now.


“That’s right, a lot of the guys that I was fighting now are at the beginning of their journeys on the pro scene.”


A familiar face stands between you and your Championship aspirations under the lights of the Riva Showbar in North West Fight Academy/CPA’s Hassan Hussain. Previously taking each other on back in 2021, it has all the makings of a barn burner, and has been tipped by the promotion as being one to not blink for.



What are your thoughts on your opponent as you both head into this journey changing collision on March 4th?


“With this upcoming bout, like I said I feel like there’s some unfinished business, because of the unfortunate circumstance where I broke my eye socket in the 1st round. I feel like I wasn’t able to display the skills I had, I felt like I couldn’t fight in the way I wanted too. So although I performed how I did, I feel like I have a lot more to show this time. This display will be a real display when we meet.”


You won’t be wanting this one to be left in the hands of the judges I’m guessing.


“Hahaha, I’d rather not.”


It’s been a pleasure speaking with you again today Nathan, and I wish you all the best for March.


“Same mate, I appreciate you taking the time to talk to me about this.”


Anytime man. 


Last but not least do you have a message for the fans that will be in attendance and anybody you’d like to give a shout-out to?


“This fight is not one that you’ll want to miss, because there’s gonna be fireworks. Big shout-out to The Pound MMA, and a big shout-out to HAMMA as well for helping me out with the camp, keeping me sharp. Shout-out to Gaz, my head coach at The Pound, and shout-out to Sean ‘HAMMA’ Martin and Conah Martin, also Coner Hignett.


Tickets are now available for the violent festivities in Preston from the fighters, and via the UKFC team. Also be on the look put for the PPV via Live MMA. Book your place while you can, you will be in for a night of pure unadulterated organised violence.




Feature image by Fight Night Photography

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