Post-Fight Interview with Krystian Wojcik at FSC 23

New Wave Academy has a long standing history with Fightstar Championship, so it wouldn’t be a Fightstar event without seeing some of the exceptional talent from MWA.


Fightstar Championship 23 saw yet another outstanding performance put on by one of New Wave Academy’s most exciting prospects in Krystian Wojcik victory over Callum Deakin in submissive fashion.


I grabbed a chat with Krystian after this explosive performance at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre.


Congratulations on that absolutely fantastic win Krystian, how are you feeling after your performance tonight?


“I feel very good, another fight and another 1st round finish. I’m a little disappointed with the guillotine attempts that didn’t work out, but it’s something I’ll work on. He was attempting a lot of takedowns but I was in full control, I found it very easy, nothing major. He was a bit lighter than me so I had the advantage I believe, huge respect for him for taking the fight and making the trip from Wolverhampton. 3-0 now, so maybe Raj will start to bring the title opportunity into the equation, so I will have less pull outs, like this fight, I had 3. Previously at Golden Ticket Fight Promotions I had 2, I keep getting them. So hopefully, if the belt goes up for grabs, I won’t have so many.”


Definitely, and think you may deserve it being 3-0 now. A very proud moment for yourself tonight no doubt?


“Yeah absolutely. My 1st figjt was a 1st round victory via ground and pound, my 2nd was via 2nd round Rear-naked-choke now my 3rd via 1st round Rear-naked-choke. Tonight could have quite easily gone to the 2nd round, but as soon as I got my hooks in, I heard the 10 second shout out so I fully went for it. I landed a great knee on him, and I felt my ground and pound was very strong. I’m very lucky to have incredible hearing, when I was striking with the hammer fists I heard my corner shout not to finish it just to control it as I could lose the position and just to control it. Which I did, and ended up with the victory via submission, so that was a smart move.”


I thoroughly agree, an incredible move, congratulations once again man.


Before you head off to celebrate with your team is there anybody you’d like to give a shout-out to?


“I’d like to give a huge shout-out to New Wave Academy, they have allowed me to train and work for them so I can get some cash on the side, all legal, I’m paying taxes and stuff hahahaha. They’ve branched out to Bromley so it’s closer to home, so that’s a big plus.”

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