Post-Fight Interview with Bobby Chikavhu at FSC 23

Bout cancellations are one of those bad times when the fighters as well as the fans were left wondering whether we’d see a stand out match-up happen between 2 highly rated individuals.


When Fightstar Championship 23 was unfortunately put on hold back in November, there were many bouts that left the fans wondering what if, Bobby Chikavhu vs Delffy Humer being one of these.


Luckily for us, when the card was reorganised the bout was put back together, and the fans got to witness 2 of the most talented amateur Flyweights in the country collide.


In a high paced and action packed 3 round war, London Shootfighters Bobby Chikavhu had his arm raised in this absolutely explosive war.


I caught up with Bobby soon after his unanimous decision victory at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre.


An absolutely amazing performance once again Bobby, how are you feeling after your victory tonight?


“I’m so happy, and so relieved at the same time because it was a very tough fight. I knew this guy was good but when I started to feel him out, he showed another level. He was strong, he had cardio for days, in the 3rd round he was still strong so I had to keep pushing the pace. I knew I had it, but when they announced the decision I knew I got it right.”


You were both so explosive out there, Delffy has a few more fights than you on his record but you both looked like seasoned amateurs out here tonight. I’m glad they ran this one back from your previous collision, unfortunately being cancelled.


“Me too. It’s been 8 months since my 1st fight, and I’ve been trying to get fights since but I’ve not been successful in doing so. This fight was scheduled for November and then it was cancelled, so I have had to wait for quite a while to get back out there so it’s good to just get back in the cage again you know. I wouldn’t say I was rusty, just carried on from where I left off, taking undefeated streaks again.”


You have definitely kept the rust away, you look ready to go back out there right now, do you have any plans to get back in the cage in the not too distant future?


“I would say at the moment, I’ll be going back to the gym. Even with this win, I have still learned some lessons. This was one of those rare occasions where even though I got my hands raised, it’s been an eye opener. I have some things to work on, we need to fix these areas, things that happened that can’t happen again, things need to be perfected. I’m not in a rush but it’s not gonna be too long of a wait, maybe in the next few months we’ll see.”


A very admirable mindset to have man.


Before you head off to celebrate with your team is there anybody you’d like to give a shout-out to?


“Big shout-out to my team at London Shootfighters, my training partners, my coaches and my corner. They are very special to me, they’ve helped me so much within preparations and cutting weight, they’ve basically saved my life. The last weight cut if it wasn’t for one of my teammates things could have gone horribly wrong, he was there with me as I actually passed put cutting weight. This was the same person I gave a shout-out to after my 1st fight when we spoke, he’s been with me for a long time now. You’re gonna see him fight very soon, he’s another up-and-comer from our gym. I won’t name him yet, but you’re gonna see him, and when you do I’m gonna say I told you so.”

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