Post-Fight Interview with Sabir Hussein at FSC 23

The Undercard for the absolutely Stacked Fightstar Championship 23 brought back a fight previously arranged in November, and the Main card mirrored it with the collision between Sabir Hussein and Jordan Molinari.


A war well worth the wait, with both warriors giving it their all to prove that they are two of the most highly talented Flyweights in the UK today.


Going to the judge’s decision saw Sabir Hussein victorious on the night, and spark his desire to once again contest for the FSC Flyweight Championship.


I grabbed a quick chat with Sabir after his outstanding victory at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre.


Thank you for taking the time to speak with me after your outstanding victory tonight Sabir, how are you feeling after your performance?


“I feel great, you know, I’ve been working a lot on my game. I’ve been working a lot Since my last loss to Vadimas. I’m a good striker and it showed, I took off In the second round. I was expecting a rematch against Vadimas in November and they gave me Jordan, a tough opponent. I felt like it was well rounded, but not in all areas. I felt that for this one I had to work on my wrestling, and it showed today.”


You can see you both had great cardio out there, and both of you put on a great display of the many aspects of your game plans.


“I’m fit, I’ve fought 5 rounds in the past and I can again, I can fight 5 rounds after this fight. My cardio is also my speciclty. I’m East African we’re runners, it’s in our genetics so I can do this all day. I just need to make sure I take my time with it and display my skills and I’m ready for this all the time.”


You mentioned your last title shot against Vadimas, is this something you’re looking to achieve in the future, another shot at the Flyweight strap?


“If they never rearranged this fight I’d have definitely called Vadimas out, he’s fighting as we speak, i wanna see them both in action. So whoever wins, they’re going against me next.”


Before you head off to enjoy the fight, is there anybody you’d like to give a shout-out to?


“Big shout-out to my gyms, I’ve been working on my grappling for so long now, I’m.a more complete fighter, so thanks to all my teammates, and i’ll hopefully come back next time.”

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