Post-Fight Interview with Stefano Catacoli at FSC 23

Fightstar Championship 23 ended in such a barn burner of a Main-Event between Stefano Catacoli taking on Nathan Rose for the Vacant Fightstar Championship Lightweight Championship.


Tensions were high for this collision, there was not a person in attendance who was not standing, these two absolutely incredible warriors did not disappoint and gave the crowd 5 rounds of pure unadulterated organised violence they will not soon forget.


The judges were unanimously in favour of Stefano Catacoli and a new champion was crowned to end the evening’s violent festivities in the Capital.


I caught up with Stefano, to grab some insight into his thoughts of his performance, and find out what the future holds for the new FSC Lightweight Champion


Thank you for taking the time to speak with me after your absolutely dominant performance, and congratulations on capturing the Fightstar Championship Lightweight Championship. How are you feeling after your performance tonight?


“Just normal mate, I knew I was gonna fucking work this guy over. He was talking all that shit before, trying to make out he was the victim saying how I was the one talking shit. When in reality all I was doing was putting dead rose emoji at the end of a post. This guy was the one saying he was gonna knock me out, with hashtag ghostbusters and all that shit. This was a gardening job bruv, I had the lawnmower out.”


Last we spoke you voiced that you’ve improved your game entirely, and it showed in each and every round out there. Not only coming out victorious, but against a huge name in the fight game.


What’s next on your journey, are you looking to come back to defend or have you got another destination on your radar?


“Well, he just came from Bellator didn’t he, why not there. He was signed to Bellator for maybe 2 to 3 years, maybe I didn’t finish him but I cut him open mate, he was the same colour as a natural rose, you know what I’m saying.”


Bellator would be lucky to have you man, I look forward to what’s next on your journey.


“Thanks man.”


Before you go to celebrate with your team, is there anybody you’d like to give a shout-out to?


“I’d like to give a shout-out to everyone on my team here tonight, especially Brad Pickett. Dan Collins who came out to help me from Eastbourne. Mehmosh Raza as well, he’s gonna be in the UFC soon and everyone at GB Top Team. Thanks to my mum, my dad and everyone who’s supported me init.”

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