Hexagone MMA extends metal boxe partnership


French equipment manufacturer METAL BOXE has extended its partnership with HEXAGONE MMA to continue providing quality MMA gloves for the promoter’s 2023 season.


Since its very first event in July 2021, METAL BOXE has provided equipment to HEXAGONE MMA fighters as part of a partnership that has just been renewed for the promoter’s 2023 season. Throughout the year, athletes will continue to showcase gloves of French design in the HEXGONE MMA cage supplied by the nation’s No. 1 brand.


“We are very satisfied with this long-term agreement with METAL BOXE, which is, without a doubt, the best equipment manufacturer in the country,” said Jérôme Pourrut, co-founder of HEXAGONE MMA. “Having quality gloves, appreciated by fighters and produced by a French brand, is essential for an ambitious organisation like ours.  This agreement between two major players in MMA in the territory can only help to raise up the sport. »


Perfectly combining performance, quality and aesthetics, METAL BOXE has established itself over the years as a pioneer in France in the field of martial arts. Distributed today in more than thirty countries, the brand’s equipment is acclaimed by amateur and professional athletes alike. It is therefore unsurprising that it should be embraced by the nation’s premier promoter.


For Jean-Jacques Cordomi and Marc Galinier, co-founders of  METAL BOXE, their partnership with HEXAGONE MMA is “ideal”: “We wanted a big league to grow our visibility, and we naturally chose the best in the country. Originally, METAL BOXE became known for its boxing accessories. This is an opportunity for us to develop our MMA range, especially since the sport is currently generating exponential interest.

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